Couple in love - happy relax at homeOne of the best ways to attract the man you want – or the man you’re already with – is to be in your feminine energy when you’re with him.

That’s why understanding the difference between masculine and feminine energy is crucial.

Masculine energy is all about doing, thinking, planning, scheduling, and making decisions.

Men DO good to feel good. Believe it or not, giving and nurturing are also masculine traits – they involve taking action.

A masculine-energy man goes after what he wants, and asks his partner how she feels about it. A good man will take your feelings into account when he’s planning and making decisions.

A man will usually be able to feel right away if you’re open and receptive to him – or if you’re going to go “competitive” on him.

What masculine-energy men really want is to make YOU happy. One of their biggest desires is to be with a woman who’s able to RECEIVE what he has to give!

It’s important to keep in mind that acknowledgment and appreciation are the “fuel” that men run on. Men want to know that what they do makes you happy!

Feminine energy is all about being, receiving, allowing, experiencing, and expressing.

Women FEEL good to do good. A feminine-energy woman receives first – and if it feels good to her, she’ll show appreciation.

When you’re in your feminine energy, you’re leaning back, observing, and letting yourself just BE in the moment – rather than always trying to move things forward or “make something happen” when you’re with a man.

A feminine-energy woman gives back, but she isn’t always the one who initiates the giving. This keeps her in the feminine receiving mode, which is INCREDIBLY attractive to men!

You definitely don’t want to do away with your masculine energy completely – this is actually about ramping up both your masculine and feminine energies.

You want to use your masculine energy in work and in your OWN life, and then be in your feminine energy when you’re with a man.

When you start taking over some of the masculine role in the relationshipby always being the one who initiates contact with a man, asks him out, drives to him for dates, pays for the date, or constantly offers unsolicited help or suggestions – that’s often when men can start to feel less attracted and connected to you.

Many women are giving and “doing” too much without realizing it, and resentment can start to build when they feel like they aren’t getting enough in return (or if the relationship isn’t moving forward as quickly as they’d like).

Constantly giving and overfunctioning can actually come across like mothering or micro-managing to a man – and it ends up pushing him away on a deep, unconscious level. 

If you’re always leaning forward and giving too much and a man starts to get comfortable with that, you’ll lose that feeling of him wanting you. The truth is – men value what they have to work for – just like we do!

Feminine energy is extremely powerful – it’s about being open and receptive, while having boundaries at the same time.

Saying “no” to something that doesn’t feel good to you is a very feminine-energy quality!

Many women are afraid that setting a boundary will turn a man off – but the truth is, a man can’t love and respect you any more than you love and respect YOURSELF.

A man will fall head over heels for a woman who knows her value and puts her OWN heart first.

Shifting into your feminine energy when you’re with a man takes some awareness, but once you try it and start to get incredible results, it will start to feel much more natural.

When you lean back and demonstrate that you can receive from a man – and show a lot of appreciation when he gives to you and makes you happy – that’s when a man feels the most connected to you and can REALLY fall in love.  

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    7 replies to "The #1 Way To Attract The Man You Want (Or The Man You’re With!)"

    • Shahrzad

      Learning lots from your awesome blogs and newsletter. Being in my feminine energy is becoming more and more natural. It feels great. Thank you 🙂

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Shahrzad,
        That’s fantastic!! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been learning a lot and that being in your feminine energy is feeling great and becoming more natural. I’d love to hear about how things continue to go for you!
        Love, Helena

        • Brenda

          Hi helena my name is brenda
          I have my boyfriend but I feel he very distance with some times i feel he is not the same guy I meet. How di make home forget other.women i be the only one for him

    • […] your masculine energy is not taking care of your feminine energy – the part of yourself that’s about feeling, experiencing, receiving, and expressing – […]

    • Rachel

      You wrote “A feminine-energy woman gives back, but she isn’t always the one who initiates the giving.”
      how do we know the right amount of giving back? Can you give some examples?
      Thanks Helena!

      • Helena Hart

        Great question, Rachel! It’s all about how it FEELS to you – so if a man has been giving to you and doing something for him would feel good to you (such as cooking him dinner if he’s taken you out on several dates), that’s great!
        We can just get into trouble when we give to a man when we’re coming from a place of “lack” (such as when we want MORE from him) or we’re trying to make something happen in the relationship – I call this “giving to get.” When we give from this place it usually feels terrible, especially if the man doesn’t do what we were hoping he’d do – and this energy pushes him away on a deep, unconscious level.
        Love, Helena

    • Suzanne

      I love this Helena.. in my past relationships Iv had to take charge.. as I was afraid they weren’t responsible enough. My new guy is so responsible I have to learn to lean back like you said. Is it to masculine to say first in texts.. ok you go now.. or you better go it’s getting late?? Or should I wait for him to say those things? I’m so used to taking charge. Thank for any suggestions.

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