pushing-him-awayIf you’re anything like I was, you may be pushing men away without even realizing it. The cure for this is getting out of your masculine energy and into your feminine energy – and the first step to turning this around is awareness. See if you’re doing any of these things:

1. Approaching Dates Like A Board Meeting

When you’re with a man, you want to avoid “laying down your resume” and your entire list of accomplishments right off the bat. This can come across as convincing behavior – which will weaken a man’s attraction to you and push him away.

Women tend to want to prove themselves to men and try to stand their own ground – but it’s actually the MAN’S job to be listing all of his accomplishments and convincing YOU of what a great guy he is!

A masculine energy man approaches a date like it’s a job interview, and he really wants to get that job! He’s going to list out everything he can do.

Some women may feel annoyed when men do this, but it’s actually very sweet when you look at it this way. It’s a GOOD sign – it means that he’s interested in you! If he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t be trying to impress you.

Women often “mirror” this behavior and try to match men toe-to-toe when they do this. What you should be doing is allowing him to “lay down his resume” and show you who he is, without feeling the need to jump in and do the same.

Realize that it’s a GOOD sign and that he’s interested in you! You don’t need to prove yourself to him.

Try switching off that masculine mode and allow a man to prove himself to you and look after you. This puts you into your feminine “receiving” mode, which will make a man feel very attracted and connected to you.

2. “Trumping” Men’s Stories

Another way you may be pushing men away without realizing it is by “trumping” their stories.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re on a date with a man and he starts talking about the marathon he ran last weekend – and you immediately say something like, “I’ve run 3 marathons this year, and I won all of them!”

Or, when he tells you about his recent trip to Vegas, you feel the need to let him know that the last time you went to Vegas you flew there in a private plane and stayed in the penthouse.

“Trumping” men’s stories is actually masculine competitive behavior.

There was a time in my life where literally EVERY man I dated said something along the lines of, “I feel like I can’t compete with your friends and all the amazing experiences you’ve had.”

I was doing this all the time without even realizing it! I had to learn that that if a man shared something with me, I didn’t need to automatically jump in and tell him about MY over-the-top experience.

The solution to this is leaning back and not always trying to “match” where a man is at.

Think about how you feel when you’re around other women – we’re often not as aggressive and we tend to drop it down a notch, because we don’t feel the need to compete. 

This makes it easier for us to connect into our femininity. Try being in your feminine energy this way next time you’re with a man.

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    3 replies to "Are You Pushing Men Away Without Realizing It? – Part 1"

    • Blanche

      These are very important things to keep in mind. Thank you for writing this up and Part 2 of this article! Love you Helena keep it up xoxo

      • Helena Hart

        You’re welcome, I’m so glad this was helpful! ❤️
        Love, Helena

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