3×3 Meditation Interview

Dina ProctorDina Proctor is a life and business coach, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell To Happy In Nine Minutes A Day.
After hitting emotional rock-bottom, Dina created a process called the 3×3 Meditation that enabled her to transform every aspect of her life. From weight loss to depression to reconstructing relationships, this simple and yet incredibly effective method has gained the support of Jack Canfield and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and is now helping thousands of people around the world improve their lives.

In this interview, Dina explains why mindset is so important in order to achieve dramatic results in our lives, and how meditation is a practical way to create transformation. She also leads you through a meditation and a “pre-forgiveness” exercise so you can experience it for yourself! You can listen to the interview here:

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To learn more about Dina and the 3×3 Meditation, visit www.madlychasingpeace.com.

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