vixen-daily-Know-if-a-Guy-Likes-YouAttract The Love Of Your Life And Feel More Loved, Cherished And Adored Than Ever Before!

If you’re ready to heal your heart, stop attracting the wrong kind of men, and FINALLY attract the love of your life – you’re in the right place!

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a man only to be blindsided when he told he was confused, “wasn’t ready” or couldn’t give you wanted…

​Or… perhaps he just withdrew and disappeared – and the relationship you wanted seemed to slip through your fingers.

If you’ve ever experienced any of these situations, you’re not alone. We know how painful and confusing it can feel, and it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’ve been waiting years (or maybe even decades) to meet the love of your life, only to wind up feeling discouraged, frustrated and ready to give up we can help!

It’s Not Too Late To Meet The Love Of Your Life!

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to attract a high quality man who’s ready for a committed relationship? 

There always seems to be something wrong with the men you attract – they either come on too strong, you’re not attracted them, they’re not financially stable, or they’re clingy and needy…

Or they seems distant, don’t contact you regularly, only make last minute plans, and don’t move the relationship forward. You never know where stand with them and you find yourself “picking up the slack.”

In situations like these, it’s easy to fall into constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering what you may have done “wrong” – and you may even start to believe there are no good men out there, so you’ll either have settle or end up alone.

At the same time, you see other women around you effortlessly attracting great men who love and adore them, and you wonder how it happened so easily for them.

Well-meaning friends and family may have told you…

“It’ll happen when you least expect it.”

“You’re too picky!”

“You’ll just know when you meet Mr. Right.”

…and this only makes you feel more frustrated, discouraged and hopeless.

Perhaps in your past you thought you “knew” and it didn’t work out, so you begin to not trust yourself or your instincts when it comes to men and relationships.

You may have started to doubt that having an amazing relationship could ever happen for you.

It’s almost as if you’re willing to give up on your dream of being in a loving, fulfilling, lifelong committed relationship – and you contemplate having to settle for something less than what you truly want. 

The 2 Biggest Myths About What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Stay In Love

Everything we’ve been taught about what makes a man fall and stay in love can actually work AGAINST us and cause the attraction and connection to fade – because what feels like love to US typically feels like “pressure” to a man.

Myth #1: Men Fall In Love With Us Because Of How Pretty, Smart, Witty Or “Cool” We Are

get-more-datesWe tend to think that if we have good conversations, great sex, amazing chemistry, we’re “nice” and understanding, and we have a lot in common with a man – he’ll see how great we are together and will want to be in a committed relationship with us.
While these things might make a man like you and want to spend time with you, they aren’t what make him fall deeply in love and see you as “the one.”
The truth is, just because a man is happy to spend time with you doesn’t necessarily mean he’s moving towards a serious committed relationship – and this is why so many women end up confused and heartbroken when a man suddenly pulls away or gives them the dreaded “I can’t give you what you want…” speech.

Myth #2: We Have To “Do” Something To Make A Man Fall In Love With Us

We instinctively think that if we’re not always letting a man know how we feel about him by taking an active role in moving the relationship forward, he’s going to think we’re not interested or we don’t care – and that couldn’t be further from the truth! 

So we end up calling him, texting him something “cute” or funny that made us think of him, or initiating plans thinking it’s harmless – and to a man it feels as though we’re chasing him.


We can even start accidentally chasing him energetically just by thinking about him all the time, strategizing how to talk to him, analyzing everything he says or does, and trying to “figure him out.”

When we do this, we give off the exact OPPOSITE vibe he needs to feel in order to feel truly connected to us and fall deeply in love.

This detrimental to his feelings of attraction for us – and even though he can’t put his finger on it or doesn’t realize WHY, the attraction starts to fade and he doesn’t feel the same way he used to.

The truth is, making a man fall in love doesn’t actually involve any effort at all! It’s simply about BEING who you are, not “doing” something. Men fall in love with you because of who you ARE, not what you do.

Lasting Love: A 6-Month Group Coaching Program With Leigha Lake And Helena Hart

​In this program, you’ll learn specific step-by-step Tools to attract the love of your life and feel more cherished, loved and adored than ever before!

Month #1:

​Uncover the irresistible woman who’s already inside of you, who’s ready to let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being that no longer work for you – and instead becomes the woman who KNOWS she deserves the most amazing, loving relationship she’s always dreamed of.

When you acts according to these NEW beliefs and ways of being, you’ll naturally attract high quality men who are looking for the same kind of relationship as you are.

​Month #2:

​Understanding men, love and relationships to become crystal clear on the differences between feminine energy and masculine energy – so you can stop second-guessing your every move and be your most confident, radiant self!

Many women know this information yet they lack the clarity of HOW to actually implement it in their daily lives to attract high quality, masculine-energy men who are looking to be in a committed relationship.

Month #3:

​The way our program works is from the inside out – AND from the outside in. This month is all about focusing on self-love and self-care, and what it REALLY means to be open to receiving the kind of love we want from a man.

It’s about learning how to give the love we’re seeking to OURSELVES first, so that we effortlessly attract men who want to love us for who we are – rather than trying to find or “earn” this love outside of ourselves (which never works – in fact, it only pushes love and good men away from us).

Month #4:

Learn how to put your desires FIRST and keep them there – rather than let fear and hopelessness take over​, which will always keep the love you want at arm’s length.
​Staying open to love and trusting that the love of your life is on his way to you is SO important, especially when the dream of what you want seems so far away. This will help you avoid going back to the same old ways of thinking and ​being that have kept you “stuck” in your love life.

Month #5:

​Learn how to keep your energy open to men while feeling confident in your boundaries at the same time.

Building self-trust and learning to trust your instincts is one of the most important skills you could have in your life!​

Month #6:

​Learn how to express yourself authentically in ANY situation. Even though the words we choose are important, it’s our “vibe” that a man is picking up on – which is why we custom-tailor this program for YOU by addressing any situations that come up for you with men.​

You are the first cause of everything in your life. When you allow yourself to be who you truly are and express yourself from that place, you stop blocking love from coming towards you –  and everything else falls into place!

There’s No Need To Wait Any Longer To Attract The Love Of Your Life!

When you join the Lasting Love Group Coaching Program, here’s what you’ll get…

12 bi-monthly calls (every other Tuesday at 11:00am Pacific Time / 2:00pm Eastern Time) for 6 months starting May 24th, where you’ll get PERSONALLY coached by us!

Lifetime access to the recordings of these calls, and transcribed material from the entire program that you can refer to whenever you’d like.

Access to a private Facebook group to get your questions answered between calls.

Learn the proven “Attraction System” we use to help our private clients attract lasting love.

Within 6 months you can completely transform your love life forever!

 BONUS #1: Lifetime access to our brand-new program, The Feminine Art Of Attraction (a $47 value!).

BONUS #2: Early-bird special pricing for anyone who joins the program before May 10th (a $500 discount!).

BONUS #3: One follow-up group coaching call in January 2017 to ensure your continued success.

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The Lasting Love Group Program will give you the answers and solutions you want if you’re looking to…

Understand at a deep soul level EXACTLY how men and relationships really work – and how you can SPECIFICALLY apply these concepts to your personal situations right away. Your new awareness will instantly and automatically begin transforming your entire life!

Move past being chronically single, ending up in dead-end relationships, or attracting (or being attracted TO) emotionally unavailable men.

Begin experiencing the love, connection, tenderness and affection you truly desire from menSmiling young couple in love. You’ll see how quickly and easily you can shift from feeling lonely to feeling wanted, desired and loved!

Become aware of your TRUE power in your love life (you really have NO IDEA how powerful you really are!).

Heal your heart, transform deep-seated limiting beliefs about love, and attract your ideal partner.

Learn how to BE and express yourself in the most authentic way possible. This will not only cause instant attraction with a man – but he’ll feel compelled to get as close to you as possible!

Stop feeling unlovable and stop accepting “crumbs” from a man who can’t do relationship. You’ll have real boundaries which will inspire the best out of any man (which is what he actually WANTS!).

Start feeling more confident than you ever have. You’ll feel empowered, feminine, peaceful, happy and magnetic – isn’t that really what being irresistible is?

Life will feel expansive and you’ll begin to know and believe anything is possible for you. Not only can you turn your love life around​ – you’ll find yourself attracting MORE opportunities to create the life you’ve been dreaming about.

When you learn and use our proven “Attraction System” we’re going to be teaching in the Lasting Love Group Coaching Program – you’ll not only stop feeling hopeless and doubtful that you’ll ever have the love you truly want – you’ll automatically start attracting high quality men who are ready to love you the way you’ve always dreamed of!

The right man for you will feel compelled to get as close as possible and want to be with you forever. 

If you don’t learn and use what we’re going to be teaching in this program, you’ll keep enduring the pain and frustration of attracting the wrong kind of men, ending up in dead-end relationships, and feeling even more hopeless and distrustful of love.

The Lasting Love Group Coaching Program will teach you step by step how to attract the love of your life and have lasting love, even if…

The men you’re currently attracting tend to withdraw and withhold their love.

You aren’t attracted to the men who are attracted to you.

You’re starting to feel insecure and worried you’re running out of time.

You think you need to lose weight, get your life together, and wait until everything’s “perfect” before putting yourself out there, but time only seems to be passing you by.

You still feel attached to the last man who broke your heart.

There’s no need to keep getting your heart broken, or keep attracting men who aren’t your ideal match – you can stop the cycle of disappointment and frustration now!

make-him-want-youRight now as you’re reading this – you have everything inside of you to attract the man and relationship you want!

No matter how discouraged, frustrated or hopeless you’re feeling, you can ABSOLUTELY turn things around, attract the love of your life and have lasting love!

What you’re going to learn in this program isn’t just going to benefit you now – but for your entire life.

We want to help you remove the blocks that are keeping love away, and show you how powerful you truly are when it comes to attracting lasting love and having the relationship you desire!

Love, Helena and Leigha

Certified Relationship Coaches & Master Coach Teachers for Rori Raye​

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