If you’re finding yourself constantly disappointed and heartbroken when it comes to love, I want you to take a look at which part of you is choosing your relationship partners.
You may be choosing your relationship partners with your “boy” energy, rather than with your “girl” energy.
You may be attracting – and attracted to – the wrong kind of men.

Are you only attracted to a certain “type” of man? Do you have a checklist of stringent external “standards” that a man must meet for you to consider dating him?

Does a man have to be tall, great looking, brilliant, well-educated, and wealthy in order to get a date with you? Do you have to feel that instant “spark” in order for you to give him a chance?
If this is the case, your “type” may be what’s working against you!
If you’re anything like I was, your masculine energy might be looking at a man “on paper” and deciding he’s what you want – because he looks good physically, he’s financially well-off, or you’ve got a lot in common – and your “boy” is making that choice for you.

The problem is, that choice can’t be made by your masculine energy. That choice has to be made by your feminine energy!

That choice has to be made from INTUITION. It has to be made from how it FEELS to be with this man – how relaxed you are around him and how you feel about YOURSELF – when he’s right in front of you and when he’s not.
When my masculine energy was doing the choosing, I remember not being interested in the “nice guys” who wanted to give me everything I wanted – love, affection, loyalty, and commitment – while the men who met every standard on my checklist never took the relationship to the next level and always left me disappointed and heartbroken.
I was so focused on their external qualities and wrapped up in the “instant chemistry” I felt with them – I completely ignored how I was feeling about MYSELF, which wasn’t very good at all!

These external qualities and this superficial kind of chemistry can end up creating a feeling of LONGING in us. You want to find someone with the internal qualities that create LOVING.

You may be chemically attracted to men who aren’t available – or who make you feel bad about yourself. In order to fix your “man-picker” – you’ll have to start spending time with men who you don’t feel that instant chemical attraction to at first – and allow your feminine energy to see how it FEELS when you’re with them. 
If your masculine energy has been choosing your relationship partners and it hasn’t worked out well for you, your “Mr. Right” will probably feel like some sort of foreign animal to you at first – you’re going to have to get used to him. But he’ll know who YOU are right off the bat!
Men have a completely different wiring system in their brains than we do – while we can talk ourselves in and out of being “into” a man, the right man for you will likely know you’re “the one” pretty quickly.

When a man knows you’re the one for him, your feminine energy will be able to completely relax – you won’t be pining after him or trying to convince him that you’re “good enough.” 

These are the men you should be surrounding yourself with!
If you’re not attracted to the “nice guys” who want to love you, chances are you’re in judgment and you’re not really seeing who they are – you have a checklist just like I did.
See what happens when you allow your feminine energy to start doing the choosing – and see if what the “nice guys” feel for YOU starts to turn you on!

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