How To Be In Your Feminine Energy To Attract The Man You Want

How To Be In Your Feminine Energy To Attract The Man You Want

One of the best ways to attract the man you want – or the man you’re already with – is to make sure you’re in your feminine energy when you’re with him.

Here are some important concepts to keep in mind:

A man DOES good to feel good. A masculine-energy man goes after what he wants, and asks his partner how she feels about it.

A good man will take your feelings into account when he’s planning and making decisions.

A man will usually be able to feel right away if you’re open and receptive to him – or if you’re going to go “competitive” on him. You want to be warm, open and receptive to what a man is offering you.

By doing good for you, a man feels good about himself. As long as you’re happy, a masculine-energy man feels good.

A woman FEELS good to do good. A feminine-energy woman receives first, processes that through her body – and if it feels good to her, she’ll show appreciation and respect.

A feminine-energy woman gives back, but doesn’t initiate the giving. This keeps her in the feminine receiving mode.

As the feminine-energy partner, when a man makes you an offer, you want to see how you feel about it, say “yes” if it feels good to you – and then show appreciation and acknowledgment.

Feminine energy is extremely powerful – it’s about being open and receptive, while having boundaries at the same time. Saying “no” to something that doesn’t feel good to you is a very feminine-energy quality!

Many women are afraid that setting a boundary will scare a man off – but the truth is, a man can’t fall in love with a woman who doesn’t love herself first.

If you’re caught in the trap of, “I need to do this to please HIM” – but you’re ignoring your own needs and what YOU want, that’s an error in thinking. Your first priority should be taking care of yourself.

It’s not about being selfish in the negative sense, it’s about taking care of yourself and feeling good in order to do good.

A man will fall head over heels for a woman who feels great about herself and knows where to draw the line.

When you start taking over some of the masculine role, that’s where you can get into trouble. Most women want a masculine-energy man who can figure things out on his own, but they often get in their own way because they think they’re “helping.”

How often do you try to to “rescue” the conversation – or “entertain” a man? How often are you offering suggestions, or offering to help a man with something when he hasn’t asked? These are good questions to ask yourself.

Many women are giving and “doing” too much without realizing it, which comes across to a man like mothering or managing – and ends up pushing him away.

If you give too much and a man starts to get comfortable with that, you’ll lose that feeling of him wanting you.

Being mindful of the energy dynamic is about making a conscious shift for highest benefit of both parties involved, and for the betterment of yourself and your partner.

Everything is energy. Shifting and experimenting with the energy dynamic within yourself will help you to experience yourself in a different way, and therefore create a better a relationship with others.

This takes awareness along with a little bit of self-discipline. You don’t need to have all the answers or always be “right.” Remember, your feelings are an indicator that things are going well or that something is amiss.

Being in your feminine energy is about leaning back, observing, and letting yourself just BE in the moment – rather than always trying to “make something happen” when you’re with a man.

Men lose interest in relationships when they don’t FEEL this…

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You may start questioning yourself…

Did you do or say something wrong?

What’s happening here?

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Helena Hart

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6 thoughts on “How To Be In Your Feminine Energy To Attract The Man You Want”

  1. Hi Helena,
    I’m finding that when I’m corresponding with guys on dating sites, that they just write one or two sentences back, usually missing some words. I feel like they are just grunting at me, like they can’t make the effort to write a normal sentence, and it is a total turnoff.
    What’s the best way to stay in feminine energy when responding, even though inside I feel really irritated?

    1. Christina – it’s great that you’re able to catch your perception around this! Some men just aren’t great over email or even on the phone, but are fantastic in person. The reverse is true as well – some men seem very articulate over email but turn out to be flaky when it comes to moving it into real life. The only way to find out is by giving them a chance to step up.
      I’d try giving them the benefit of the doubt for now, and keep your responses to them short as well. If they only send you a sentence, don’t respond with a long paragraph – keep it short and then just forget about them until they show up again. If it fizzles after that, they likely don’t have what it takes to move it forward on their own – in which case, you don’t want them in your rotation.
      Love, Helena

  2. I’m 56 and in a relationship with a 65 widower man , for 5 months , he looks young and I fall in love with him, we had have sex every time we see each other but his wife die 3 years ago
    And he still grieving about her he’s got her clothes and ashes and he put everyone in front of me, I’m the one that text him to see him he reply whe he want sex other than that he don’t call me he don’t text me for weeks, he don’t miss me like I miss him , I’m suffering I don’t know what to do I think he has no feelings for me other than friends with benefits, please help Elena , I ask him if he miss me and he didn’t answer me that was a put down I only see him one time a week or sometimes every 2 weeks he so strong he don’t care , what can I do . When we are together he’s very loving and romantic once I leave I text good morning the next day and he don’t text me back that is so rude he’s got my feelings hurt so bad that I cry because I was alone for years I’m also a widower and
    I meet on dating site he live 9 miles from me and I really like but he don’t love me or I don’t know what wrong with him. I need help ,nelly thank you please reply to me

    1. Hi Nelly. I think she would want you tobstep back and have him do more. You have to be his catch you have to let him chase you.your like me i find myself doing the most in a relationship. Start thinking of yourself like Marlyn Monroe. Would she do that. Your showing your masculine side and that pushes men away.

  3. Hi Helena,
    My name is Diane. I’m recently single for about three months.
    It was great at first! After three weeks I ended it because I felt like he was too good for me, always complimenting me n calling/texting. I ended and then begged for him to take me back. He did! It was great for a couple months. I found myself trying extremely hard to please him, driving to him, getting him stuff to sleep over n planning small road trips for us. He would always say it’s great n he couldn’t wait. Then the 3rd month he stopped calling/texting as much and making plans n not following through.
    So, I asked him if he truly wanted to be with me because it didn’t feel like he did, anymore. He said he did and would try harder.
    So, I stayed n then he broke up with me and said he thought I deserved better. I told him I wanted him. So, we stuck it out a couple more months…it was like he ghosted me, didn’t respond to my texts, calls nothing.
    So, finally June he said maybe we need a break even though he’s emotionally connected to me n doesn’t want to let me go. I was like NO let’s try n figure this out. A week goes by ghost again n I broke up with him.
    He hasn’t contacted me, hasn’t returned my calls or texts n I was in love with him.
    I do KNOW that I made a few mistakes with him by being in my masculine energy n not making him pursue me n connect to my heart.
    I STILL miss him and want to be with him. I know that it’s over.
    I’ve been watching ALOT of your videos and find them extremely helpful. My question is do I let this man go? We haven’t spoken for three months.

  4. Hi my name is Dianna, I am in a Friend’s with benefits relationship with a guy who is 54 and I am 46, and sometimes I feel like things are GREAT, and then all of a sudden he puts on this mean attitude with me, then we start arguing, he acts like he wants to be friends,and then in another sence he acts like he could care less about me, I have tried to break off the friendship several times only to find my self going back to him,and I don’t understand IT, I must be very stupid because I really feel like he’s just PLAYING games with me but I don’t understand why I stay friends with him only to find my self fighting with him NOT only in person,but over the phone when we talk I am so upset with him and I don’t have any idea why I keep holding on to him I really don’t know how to break off the friendship with out going back to it and I don’t know why it is so hard for me to get away from him and not come back WHY am I having so much trouble with this I feel like he has some kind of hold on me that I can’t shake off and this is why I keep coming back to him,but I only want to get away from him with NO regrets I feel stuck like I’m bond to be in a Friend’s with benefits relationship with him and I can’t LET go but I am so upset with IT and so unhappy, how do I break free, is what I want to know!!!!!!

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