yellow-car-84579_640Do you feel like there are no good men out there? That all men are players or jerks – or that “all the good ones are taken”?
I hear this ALL the time – and I used to think the same thing – so I can really relate to those feelings of frustration and disappointment in dating.
What I tell women who say this to me is what I experienced in my own life, and what many of my clients are now experiencing.
The truth is, there are SO many amazing, available, masculine-energy men out there – but many women are just not seeing them because all they’ve ever experienced in dating and relationships is disappointment and heartbreak.

The first step to attracting higher quality men is developing to ability to notice that they’re out there – to really SEE them!

Have you every bought a new car, and you’ve never really noticed that car on the road before – but as soon as you buy the new car all of the sudden you start noticing it all over the place?
It’s similar in dating – there ARE many amazing men out there who are looking to be in committed relationships – but until you start experiencing it for yourself, you just don’t have the framework in your brain to notice that kind of man yet.
Once more masculine-energy men start showing up – the type of men who want to give you all the love, attention, affection, and commitment you want and deserve – all of the sudden your eyes will be open, and you’ll be able to start seeing all these great men out there.
This is exactly what I experienced. Before I turned my love life around, it was as though I had this filter in front of my eyes – and all of my experiences were going through this filter of disappointment in love and frustration in dating. That’s all I was able to see. 

It got to the point where I just EXPECTED to be constantly let down and abandoned by men – so of course that’s what kept happening over and over again! 

It was a seemingly endless cycle of disappointment and heartbreak.
Everything changed for me once I figured out that my beliefs create my reality, not the other way around. I’ve found this to be 100% true in every area of my life.
Once I was able to turn everything around – all of the sudden my eyes were openand I was able to see all of these amazing men around me, and that’s when my husband showed up! This is what many of my clients have experienced as well.

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