Does "Leaning Back" Work To Attract (Or Re-Attract) A Man?

One of the most common questions women ask me is, “Does leaning back really work to attract (or re-attract) a man?”

The short answer to this question is YES!

If he’s a masculine-energy man and he’s truly interested in you, when you lean back (physically, verbally and mentally) and get into your feminine energy, he’ll INSTINCTIVELY feel compelled to come towards you if you do this correctly.

Here’s why…

If you’re feeling a sense of LONGING for a man or you’re feeling compelled to “go after” him – especially a man who isn’t giving you all the love, attention and affection you want – you’re in your masculine energy, and that’s never going to work for you!

Leaning forward and chasing a man (even in very subtle ways) will push him away on a deep, subconscious level.

What you want to do instead is the OPPOSITE of “go after” him – you want to lean back and inspire him to pursue YOU.

That’s what will build a deep attraction with a man – since men value what they have to work for, just like we do!

Often, the time when a woman feels the most compelled to lean forward is when a man’s energy is NOT coming towards her.

If the man you want isn’t paying attention to you – instead of leaning towards him or “going after” him – you want to lean back and create the space for him to come towards you.

If you’ve made a man “the goal” in your mind, you’re going to have to get yourself some new goals that have NOTHING to do with him. In other words, your masculine energy needs something else to do! 

Taking your focus completely OFF of a man is what creates the space for him to come towards you.

If a man isn’t paying attention to you, what you want to do is pull your energy off of him. In order to do that, you’re going to have to find some other things to do that will completely absorb your time, energy and attention.

This works wonders if you’re in the same house with a man and he’s ignoring you, or if you’re dating a man and he’s not contacting you right now and you’re having a hard time taking your mind off of him. 

For me, this looked like getting my masculine energy in gear for MYSELF and my own life – rather than using my masculine energy to try to “make something happen” with a man. 

Before I created a business that I love, I was using my masculine energy in all the wrong ways by focusing all of my mental energy on trying to “get” a man to love me and give me the relationship I wanted (usually a man who was emotionally unavailable and not interested in a real relationship).

I wasn’t following my dreams so I found myself trying to “make up the difference” in my love life – I was so attached to the “result” with men that I never got what I wanted. When I started using my masculine energy for myself and my OWN life, that’s when everything turned around for me.

Using your masculine energy for YOURSELF – rather than using it to try to “make something happen” in dating and relationships – is what creates the space for you to be in your feminine energy when you’re with a man, which will make you incredibly attractive to him!

If you want to learn exactly how to lean back into your feminine energy and build the kind of deep attraction that inspires a man’s love, devotion and commitment, click here to check out my eBook, “Attract The Man You Want.”

5 thoughts on “Does "Leaning Back" Work To Attract (Or Re-Attract) A Man?”

  1. Hi Helena,
    I really love your youtube channel and appreciate the advise you give.
    My long distance boyfriend disappeared for 4 days, and I followed your advise and leaned back, but in the end, I still texted him, and basically begged him to talk to me, so we called. He told me work was getting crazy, and he shut down (he has had a history of doing this), and he said I need more attention that he could give at the moment.
    I told him that for now, l am fine with him focusing on his work, and we talk on weekends, and I will not ask him to be in contact during the week. I know it is not the best solution.
    But he also mentioned that he did not really want to talk to me, because I have been pretty negative for a month now (which was true I reflected that already), and he didn’t want to hear me complain and problems anymore.
    Now I started to feel in my gut that he hates me, but when I asked him if he still wanted to stay together, he said yes. How can I repair this relationship? His internship is almost over, and we were planning to see each other in a couple of weeks. But I just have no clue how to regain the closeness we had before, our relationship didn’t have many problems until we became long distance. But it seems to me like he doesn’t even remember any of the good times anymore.
    What do I do now?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  2. Hi, Helena,
    This article is so true! I actually had a situation with my man recently and I came here and watched all other videos of yours.
    The background is that I and my man started to know each other and text each other a lot daily. Then it became less texting per day. Then I became insecure when I don’t see his texts so often. I texted him from myself often then. He stopped replying back. He stopped replying back to my questions. I felt he was being rude, lol according to other relationship blogs, etc, he is supposed to at least be able to answer my questions! So I wasn’t happy when I started to see his reply being very short and no response some day. At least I didn’t confront him or anything. I apologized him that I sent him too many texts, but that is because I was insecure thinking I did something wrong! Anyway, now I know why things were that way after I read your reading materials.
    At the beginning, it was very hard to understand the concept of creating space since we don’t see each other so often anyway. So, it is not really the physical space only. I first could not leave him alone even if I have read what you say and watched all the video. Then, the man really stopped responding to all the things I said. I can even say myself that I was sending texts that make him to answer or give me attention. I can even feel the tension that he was trying to be nice but not like genuine.
    So, then I finally listened to you and stopped and also understood that if he is the right person, he will come toward me on his own. It was scary to believe in that because that means if he doesn’t contact me, this relationship will be over. I had to first be okay with that. Then, I decided I will be okay if that is what’s right for the universe.
    It was very hard. The hardest part was not to think about him! Even when I’m telling myself to do other things, he was always on my mind. It’s like I was fooling myself not to think but I know what I’m doing. So I couldn’t fool myself for a while. But, I somehow got in a moment once where I was on a roll to clean my 3 bathrooms! I was so into it and the toilets were squeaky clean! It was also a great feeling!
    I washed my hands and thought about buying more toilet cleaning things and water to look up in Amazon on my phone. There! I found his message! Just like you said!!! I was amazed.
    Now, I was not so good at using my feminine energy to reply back. So, it took a few more days for him to get back to be normal. I then also realized that I wasn’t showing my emotion like when he said something funny and I replied without saying “you are funny!” Or “you made me smile” etc. I was in the mode of getting back to him only. Then, I realized, I have been making mistakes. As soon as he said something next, I added my emotion more. I thought I pushed him away by expressing my emotion too much in the first place, but that was my wrong assumption. I also said to myself, since I survived no contact from him about a week, I would be okay even if I screw up again by expressing myself too much. Then that made me talk like I was so comfortable saying anything and anyway I want. I can feel he likes that even better.
    For some reason, even if I don’t see him often, I feel comfortable with myself thinking of what you talk about universe and energy. I really like it. I feel really light and I feel confident. I don’t see my relationship with this man going anywhere, but I’m really happy for some reason. I don’t need to think of it so much. But I am enjoying when he wants to do something with me and talks to me by texts.
    I am really thankful that you have created all the video and reading materials for all women although it is hard to understand the concepts at the beginning. I needed to re-read 3 times at least and imagined hard what you are saying. Im so glad that I found you! Thank you so much!! You are the best!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks so much for sharing your experience here. I love everything you said – and yes, this is exactly how it works!
      Looking forward to hearing about how these tools continue to work for you, keep me posted! ❤️
      Love, Helena

  3. Hi, thank you for this. My problem seems to be when he comes forward I start to lean forwards… to try to make things happen… When he says he likes me and wants to see me…. how do I respond in a feminine way only… ‘ahhh… that feels so good to hear you like me…’ ‘it would feel lovely to meet you again…’

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