Here’s my video on how to HEAL your wounded masculine and feminine energies and step into your empowered energies so you can finally have the relationship you want:

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    6 replies to "How To Step Into Your EMPOWERED Masculine And Feminine Energies So You Can Have The Relationship You Want"

    • Stacy

      Hi Helena, wow…great video! It helped me clarify a lot of what I have been doing and how my behavior has been. You mentioned a link that was going to be on the comment section… I’m not seeing it? Can you point me in that direction? Thank you!

    • Wendy

      Hi Helena,
      I am really thankful to the Universe that I got to know about your programs and coaching. It happened just in time because now I know what I have been doing wrong and still it’s not too late to fix my thinking.
      Now I go ahead and order this program from you. I am sure it will be great and exactly what i am looking for.
      Thank you,

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Wendy,
        I’m so glad my programs have been helpful for you! Looking forward to hearing about how everything goes. ❤️
        Love, Helena

    • Blair Newberry

      So interesting! My first thought was that I am pretty empowered in my masculine and feminine energies until I get into a relationship with someone who is not- usually they are in wounded masculine and I respond with wounded feminine. I suppose the remedy is discerning that in a potential partner from the get-go!

      • Helena Hart

        Great insights, Blair! I love what you said here, thanks for sharing! ?
        Love, Helena

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