Many women have this perception that what men really want is a woman who’s all about HIM – someone who’s giving and nurturing and takes care of his every need.
The truth is, your JOY is a man’s greatest aphrodisiac!
If you don’t feel “whole” and inspired within yourself, you’ll often push men away on a deep, unconscious level.
But if you learn how to cultivate your own joy, men will find you infinitely appealing and attractive.

Feminine joy is the sexiest thing in the universe to a man.

How you do cultivate that joy? By getting in touch with and expressing what inspires you in your life.
The way that you exude joy and love when you’re happy is the greatest aphrodisiac for men – they WANT to be a part of that! Men want to participate in the natural flow of feminine joy and love.
The way men get to experience that – even when they first meet you – is how beautiful you are to them when you feel warm, open, and joyous. 

What lights you up actually lights MEN up – your radiance!

When you feel whole and happy, you tend to find it easy to “pour love out” of yourself.
When you feel good about yourself and you’re enjoying your life – you’re connected to your inner radiance – and the most natural thing to do is pour love out.
You don’t want to be waiting on the world or a man to make you feel complete. When someone doesn’t feel whole, they tend to drain energy from everything around them, instead radiating love out.

Inward to outward is the flow (not outward to inward) – you want to create your OWN joy first and then radiate it out. 

That means you want to be doing the things that cultivate joy in you regardless of your relationship status – whether that’s dancing, reading, writing, socializing, gardening, cooking, or whatever makes you feel happy and inspired.
You’ll be the most attractive woman in the world to a man when you honor and express those parts of your unique self.
That’s what cultivates your joy and brings out your inner radiance! It makes you extremely attractive and desirable to men.

Men also want to know that what THEY do makes you happy.

Remember, acknowledgment and appreciation are the “fuel” that men run on. Men will flock to you when they see that you’re able to receive what they have to give.
Many women feel frustrated, cautious, hopeless, or just plain exhausted from kissing too many frogs, and I understand that frustration – I’ve been there! I know it can be difficult to focus on what you love about your life when things don’t seem to be going the way you want.
I’m here to tell you, it only takes ONE man to make the whole journey worthwhile! In order to attract that one right man and inspire him to come towards you, your radiance has to be turned on and turned up.

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    • Reem

      I love this post a lot, thank you Helena 🙂

      • Helena Hart

        You’re very welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
        Love, Helena

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