pour-out-loveWhen you feel whole and happy, you tend to find it easy to “pour love out” of yourself.
When you feel good about yourself and you’re enjoying your life – you’re connected to your inner radiance – and the most natural thing to do is pour love out.
When someone doesn’t feel whole, they tend to drain energy from everything around them, instead radiating love out.

If you’ve ever had an experience with someone like this, you probably felt incredibly drained and you wanted to get away from them as quickly as possible.

When you have a cynical or jaded attitude, it’s as though you’re calling to the world to “fix” you. It’s an outward focus, everything’s wrong “out there” – and you’re looking to the outside to fix the inside.

You want to flip that around. You need to create happiness on the INSIDE first and let it pour outward – rather than creating this cynical “vacuum” on the inside by looking to the world or to a man to make everything right.

Some say that a cynic is nothing more than a disappointed romantic. The cynical position is sort of the “shadow” side of the dream that a man is going to fix everything in your life and finally make you feel complete.

You may have originally had dreams that a man was going to come along and “save” you – and then those fantasies didn’t fulfill themselves the way you hoped or expected they would.

If you feel cynical or jaded when it comes to love, when you’re with a man your attitude might be something like, “Go ahead, prove yourself, be what I need…” This may be unconscious – but if this is the attitude you have, it’s still coming out in your vibe.

No healthy man will want to “prove” himself to someone with that attitude. The only type of man who would be attracted to someone like that is an immature or needy man, or a man who feels the need to constantly prove his worth. It’s a very dangerous dynamic.

A healthy person WON’T want a partner who’s draining energy from them. Ideally, a healthy relationship consists of two people who are “whole” and who naturally pour love outward.

Inward to outward is the flow – NOT outward to inward.

You don’t want to be waiting on the world to make things rightyou want to create your OWN joy and then radiate it out.

That means you want to be doing the things that cultivate joy in you regardless of your relationship status – whether that’s dancing, reading, writing, socializing, gardening, cooking, or whatever makes you feel fantastic.

You want to honor those parts of your unique self. That’s what cultivates your joy and brings out your inner radiance! It makes you extremely attractive and desirable to men.

People run into problems when they get stuck in what they think they have to beor they stop believing that anything can be different.

Everything is a choice! People can get very stuck in what they think they have to do, and that’s what creates this cynical “vacuum” where they stop cultivating joy inside themselves and then look to to outside world to fix them.

You have every resource in the world at your fingertips! Generations of humanity would have given anything to have the kinds of opportunities we have today. Anything you want to know you can go out and learn, and any skill you want to gain you can go out and gain.

When you’re with a man, you want to be at a place where you can celebrate each other – and in order to celebrate each other, you need to feel good about yourself.

You don’t want to be a “vacuum” draining energy out of the people around you. To stop feeling cynical about love, see where you can start cultivating your own happiness. This is what will attract healthy and “whole” men towards you!

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