love-in-the-sunset-949398-mOne powerful way to build attraction with a man is by expressing yourself in a way that will captivate him – using feeling messages.
Men go crazy for a woman who’s in touch with her feelings and living in her feminine energywhen she’s fully experiencing life and getting inside of every moment.
Many people take these feelings messages to mean talking about the relationship – but that’s not where you should start – not at first.
To get these feelings messages down and build your skill of getting in touch with your feelings – start small, with everyday things – like the weather or things that happened during your day.
For most of us, expressing how everyday things FEEL to us is completely unnatural – it’s like learning a new language.
Rori Raye’s “Poet/Reporter” tool is a great way to practice getting in touch with and expressing your feelings. Let’s say you’re watching the sunset with a man…

A reporter would say, “That’s a beautiful sunset. It’s so warm out here. Look at the orange and pink colors…” A reporter would just state the facts.

There’s nothing wrong with this – but the opportunity for you to be the whole-hearted person you want to be, the “siren” who mesmerizes men – is being missed here. And if you’re missing it at sunset, you’re missing it all throughout the day.

A poet would say, “Wow, the pink just makes me feel all girly. That orange reminds me of a stuffed animal I had on my bed when I was a little girl, I feel moved…”

Can you feel the difference?

See if you can find a poetic way to describe everything that goes on in your life, and start speaking to people in poetic terms – every human being you meet. After a few days of doing this, it will start to feel more natural.
Write down possible responses for questions that people ask you all the time, like “How was your day?”

A typical “reporter” response would be, “I had a good day. Work was busy, then I took my dog for a walk…”

Instead, try a “poetic” response – “I felt overwhelmed by all the work piling up at my desk…” or “I felt so happy when I walked my dog, the breeze on my skin felt amazing…”

When you’re meeting new people, they’re all going to ask you the same types of questions, such as “What do you do for work?”

A reporter would say, “I work at a law office” or “I’m a teacher.”

Try finding your inner “poet” instead – “I feel so wonderful every day when I wake up. I get to help people for a living, I feel so needed…”

See if you can find a poetic way to express how feelings are coming up in you – without giving them so much meaning.
This will turn you into a MAGNET for masculine-energy men!
I would love to hear about how this goes for you!

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    • Arpita Malakar

      I am going to try this ‘Poet’ in me..I would like to know some more examples like this

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Arpita, that’s fantastic!!! Let me know what kind of examples you’d like help with and I can start a new post that will help you start changing some of your statements into feeling messages.
        For now, try writing down some statements on the right side of a piece of paper – draw a line down the middle of the page – and on the left side try changing them to feeling messages, starting with “I feel…” or “I’m feeling…” Let me know how this goes!
        Love, Helena

    • Mary Ann

      I love your blog!!! So many helpful tips and insights, thank you!

      • Helena Hart

        Thanks Mary Ann!! I’m so glad it’s been helpful for you!
        Love, Helena

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    • Sindy

      You information has been a great tool for me, thanks!

    • handbag

      Will love to read more from you in the future, keep the good stuff coming!

    • smile

      There are so many blogs online, I’m glad I found yours today, keep it up!

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