perceptionEvery day women ask me to help them interpret what a man “means.”
If you always find yourself wondering, “What does he mean by that?” – I want you to start tracking MEANING.
In other words, what meaning are you giving to the fact that he didn’t call you today?
What meaning are you giving to the fact that he just turned around and isn’t paying attention to you?
What meaning are you giving to the fact that he says he’s not ready for a serious relationship?
What meaning are you giving to him kissing you passionately?
What meaning are you giving to YOUR feelings of love for him?

We think that all of these things actually mean what we THINK they mean – but that’s just not true!

In fact, our perception about what a man means is wrong about 90% of the time. Men usually do not mean what we think they mean.
To track meaning, start by looking at something – look at a table, a chair, or the floor.
Notice what you feel when you look at it – does it feel good to you? Do you feel happy, angry, sad, or something else?

Can you feel how your experience of that object in your PAST is coming into your being – and all of the sudden it has meaning?

The chair in your room is just a chair – it’s a part of the universe, it’s got energy, and it’s alive in its own way – but it doesn’t MEAN something about the man who sat in that chair five years ago.
Start writing down the meaning that you’re giving to everything. Let’s say you’re watching the sunset – what meaning are you giving to that sunset?
If you’re having a nice time and you’re admiring how beautiful the sunset is, what’s your body doing? What feelings are coming up for you? Keep track of all of this.
You may think that the sunset is making you feel happy, right? Nope!
You’re watching the sunset and YOU GAVE YOURSELF a feeling of happiness.
The sunset doesn’t have meaning in and of itself. The sunset doesn’t mean something about the last man you saw it with who broke your heart. It doesn’t even mean you’re having an extraordinary moment with the man you’re watching it with now – the sunset just IS!

Rather than focusing on a man and trying to figure out what he means – I want you to start discovering yourself – I’m asking you to be a detective of YOU.

If you start tracking meaning all the time, you’re going to have a lot of stories and experiences. I’m asking you to NOT go into what has happened to you in the past and find out who you are – I want you to investigate who you are IN THIS MOMENT.
Taking your focus OFF of what a man “means” – and instead using that energy to become a detective of yourself – is going to SHIFT YOUR VIBE and make you incredibly attractive to him!
If an amazing man who deserves you and is worthy of you hasn’t shown up yet, this is how you can start shifting your vibe and get him to show up! Even if he’s standing right in front of you.

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    • Leigha

      Hi Helena! I absolutely LOVE this! “By taking your focus off your man and putting it on yourself – will shift your vibe and make you incredibly attractive” – perfect!! This is such a great post!!
      xoxo ~ Leigha

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