Let Your Light Shine

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The other day one of my clients told me that after working with the tools and getting some amazing results, she felt like a disco ball radiating and reflecting her light out onto the world.
That made me feel very inspired!

It made me stop and ask myself – and I want you to ask yourself too – are you shining your light out there in the world, or do you have walls around your heart that are covering your light up?

If you’re anything like I was before I turned my love life around, you may be going through life trying to HIDE your light.
I remember always looking to a MAN to make me feel lit up insidebecause on the inside I didn’t feel lit up.
Once I discovered that light that was already inside me, I had to learn how to take off the layers that were covering it up so I could shine that light out onto the world.
I also want you to ask yourself – if your Mr. Right showed up today, would he see you? Are you all lit up inside – shining that light out for everyone to see – or are you in hiding like I was, covering that light up?
I want you to know that you’re ALREADY lit up inside – really, you are! There may just be layers of defenses that you’ve built up around you covering up this light.

I want to help you get yourself to a place where if your Mr. Right showed up right now – not only would he see you, he would know instantly that you’re the one for him!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by imagining a sparkling ball of light inside of you, lighting you up from the inside so that you’re GLOWING. 

What does that ball of light look like? How big is it? Are there layers around it covering that light up?

 2. If there are layers around your light, imagine taking them off – slowly at first, one by one.

Take off the layers of fear and guilt and shame and doubt, and anything else that comes up for you.

 3. See how big and bright and uncovered you can make that light inside you, and take that light with you as you go about your day. 

If it feels scary to be that vulnerable – you’re TOTALLY on the right track!

You want to keep that light uncovered – so that everyone in the world can see it – 100% of the time. You want to be as close to YOU as you possibly can – with nothing surrounding your light to cover it up.
This will make you SO incredibly attractive, men won’t be able to help feeling mesmerized by you. You’ll notice all kinds of men looking at you and trying to get close to you.
If this feels scary to you at first – don’t cover your light back up! See how long you can stand there and tolerate being lit up in the presence of others.

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