I recently recorded a video with the amazing coach Adrienne Everheart on how to make a man miss you and think about you, without using games or manipulation tactics.
This will help you bring a man closer no matter where you’re at in your love life:

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    3 replies to "How To Make A Man Miss You And Think About You"

    • Linda

      I was intrigued by Adrienne’s brief comment on how to make a man miss you by using social media. The only comment she made was not to post everything you are doing on social media. Is that all for suggestions on the social media topic? Or is there more on this topic posted somewhere else?
      Some coaches say to use social media to show you are living your own, awesome life to let him know you don’t mind if he takes space from you because you have your own friends and interests outside of your desire to have a relationship with him.
      Thanks, Linda

      • Everheart❤️

        Hi Linda,
        So great to hear from you. What a great question. I’ve literally written a book on this in my, “500 Ways to Talk to a Man.” I also share similar tips in my free ebook on my website.
        Here’s a quick overview:
        Demonstrate with images and brief updates that your life is interesting, positive and progressing nicely (without the man.)
        In effect, let the man see your feminine energy shining through every word you speak with descriptive feeling and soft feminine elegance. Think poet not reporter 😉
        Understand that curiosity is the primer for attraction! When he’s curious about you he’s stirred up inside! So keep updates on sm brief and even artfully vague.
        A powerful tool is the Use of an emotional trigger, but don’t overdo it!
        If you both visited Sunny Lake Park for example and had a nice time there long ago, post a photo of you there now, with the caption, “Felt so good to visit the lake, so many wonderful memories.” He will feel the genuine warmth. He will miss you. This will begin him thinking and doubting his decision to be apart from you.
        If you both loved a certain pet, occasionally post a photo and one sentence full of feeling. The key is to connect but be brief.
        This all also needs to be authentic. Don’t bluff. Men are far more sensitive than we give them credit. They can sense manipulation and they may go along with it somewhat, but authenticity and genuine warmth will win his heart long term.
        That’s what Helena and I want for you all. A loving, long lasting relationship… into the sunset and beyond…💕

    • Jenny

      I have no man in my life…I ended a cheating relationship w/a toxic man! Didn’t know him @ all! 2 women pregnant by him in a matter of & mo”s…I feel used…& discarded as if I meant nothing to him…getting crumbs all t/time! I feel so sad all t/time …not in losing t/idiot…but myself…I didn’t c t/flags right in front of me! How do I find s.o when thr is no one in sight ! I don’t want 2 give up…but I feel thrs s.o out thr 4 me!

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