I recently recorded a video with the amazing coach Adrienne Everheart on how to make a man miss you and think about you, without using games or manipulation tactics.
This will help you bring a man closer no matter where you’re at in your love life:

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    • Linda

      I was intrigued by Adrienne’s brief comment on how to make a man miss you by using social media. The only comment she made was not to post everything you are doing on social media. Is that all for suggestions on the social media topic? Or is there more on this topic posted somewhere else?
      Some coaches say to use social media to show you are living your own, awesome life to let him know you don’t mind if he takes space from you because you have your own friends and interests outside of your desire to have a relationship with him.
      Thanks, Linda

      • Everheart❤️

        Hi Linda,
        So great to hear from you. What a great question. I’ve literally written a book on this in my, “500 Ways to Talk to a Man.” I also share similar tips in my free ebook on my website.
        Here’s a quick overview:
        Demonstrate with images and brief updates that your life is interesting, positive and progressing nicely (without the man.)
        In effect, let the man see your feminine energy shining through every word you speak with descriptive feeling and soft feminine elegance. Think poet not reporter 😉
        Understand that curiosity is the primer for attraction! When he’s curious about you he’s stirred up inside! So keep updates on sm brief and even artfully vague.
        A powerful tool is the Use of an emotional trigger, but don’t overdo it!
        If you both visited Sunny Lake Park for example and had a nice time there long ago, post a photo of you there now, with the caption, “Felt so good to visit the lake, so many wonderful memories.” He will feel the genuine warmth. He will miss you. This will begin him thinking and doubting his decision to be apart from you.
        If you both loved a certain pet, occasionally post a photo and one sentence full of feeling. The key is to connect but be brief.
        This all also needs to be authentic. Don’t bluff. Men are far more sensitive than we give them credit. They can sense manipulation and they may go along with it somewhat, but authenticity and genuine warmth will win his heart long term.
        That’s what Helena and I want for you all. A loving, long lasting relationship… into the sunset and beyond…?

    • Jenny

      I have no man in my life…I ended a cheating relationship w/a toxic man! Didn’t know him @ all! 2 women pregnant by him in a matter of & mo”s…I feel used…& discarded as if I meant nothing to him…getting crumbs all t/time! I feel so sad all t/time …not in losing t/idiot…but myself…I didn’t c t/flags right in front of me! How do I find s.o when thr is no one in sight ! I don’t want 2 give up…but I feel thrs s.o out thr 4 me!

      • Brenda Bartholow

        Brenda is my name I fall for a man and I dont understand what happen one minute he love me and he side he would change and stop throwing me to the crave and putting me 2nd best and one week later he throw me away like i was nothing he thinks of people i did nothing but love him stand by him and i dont no what to do can u help me out please

    • Andrette Vanessa

      Theres this guy i met. It was love at first sight. From the first day of conversation its been amazing. One thing is , we rarely meet. Most of our conversations are through social media n texting. What can i do? I feel my gut tells me he is the one.

    • Jen

      I would love to see the link on the kissing video

    • Angel

      I’m in a hot and cold relationship.we dated a couple of yrs ago and then he just disappeared?
      I was so heartbroken!!
      We have since reunnited a couple of months ago everything blissfully happy again saw each other couple times a week exchanged “I love you’s ” then distance, yes he’s busy at work it has been crazy! So I got my life busy, now it’s too busy and his morning text and evening text have gone from baby to sweetie??? No more all day text ?
      We see each other maybe once a week now …..what do I do? Stay backed up and see if he comes back the way we were or move on?
      I love this man more than I have ever loved anyone I see us growing old but this is so confusing and heartbreaking!!

      • Clare

        I’m going through the exact same thing. ? Morning and night calls. Etc.

    • Tammy

      I have a LdR where if I make him wait to respond, he does the same with me, irony if I make him wait, he makes me wait as long or more. Very frustrating.

      What signs can you look at to tell if the LDR guy might be dating someone else? His contacting me doesn’t happen during day, its at night late. Help me to recognize signs or flags if he’s playing games or not. Thanks.

    • Racheal

      Av had this guy since mi childhood, he’s 24 and am 23. He went silent on me 4yrs bak which I kept easy coz I knew he wd come back despite ov the fact. I got to knoe he was dating some gal in the quiet 4yrs late last year. I tried reaching to him bcz I was heart broken since I was still single en waitng for him. He cd onli assure me that he loved the current galfrnd and that he had moved on, we met in jan to talk it over and I cd feel he still loved me through his eyes though he denied the fact. He begged for me to stay his good friend and nothing more. I love this guy alot he was mi first love and I would like him to be mi last. Pliz someone help me since av failed to move on.

      • Doressa Glover

        If he cared enough about you to meet up to discuss the situation and tell you the truth respect it and move on. He has made it perfectly clear how he feels. He could have continued to string you along because he knows you love him but he did not. You cant force something he does not want.

      • Deborah

        Pls dear! Kindly move on. God will provide your own Man. And pls do not contact him again. Do no contact with him. At least he has given u his words. You can be his good friend in mind like he wants but don’t allow contact since he preferred d other lady more than u. Pls gather strength to move on. He may still come back after few years,if he discovered u are nice more than d new lady,but pls don’t take him back. Then he would realise he lost a good lady/chance. God Bless you!

    • Renae

      I met this man on line and we have met once. We didnt talk for like months than out of the blue he texted me and wanted me to come see him. I told him that iwasnt able to because i was going on a date. He told me i couldnt that i was his. We have kept talking for the last couple of months and he keeps wanting me to go see him but was not willing to come see me, until a coue days ago i asked him if he would come slend the weekend with me and he said yes. That we needed to see each other. Now im confused??

      • Gretchen

        Red flag

    • Heather Hill

      Wonderful, inspiring content, thank you. What should you do if you have always gone to the same place every week and he’s there? I don’t want to stop going, but not sure that it’s a good scenario.

    • Marie

      Hello ladies! I really enjoyed your video. I’m interested in seeing the link on the kissing video. It seems I’m doing the right things so far. I am amazed at your suggestions. I will definitely look for more from you. Thanks again for your time to share, and your suggestions recommendations are simple. Have a great day!

    • Alice

      Thank you so much I really needed that today but hope to leave the man for good

    • Maudie Miller

      Well I don’t really. Know How I feel about this guy in my life He’s the greatest guy. I have stayed in the friends zone for about a year now. Afraid to move closer I really don’t want to distory. What we have. We go I. Vacation together n social With my friends n family. But not his. This made me wonder. What the deal is here. If you have ideas what I should do. Please. Give ur a shot

    • Deena

      Can you send me the link on the kissing video please? Thanks!

    • linda cervantes

      I would love to see the kissing video. I love both of you ladies ur amazing and your videos together are twice as fantastic!! Hope to see more of the two of you working together! Have a great day!! God bless u both!!

    • sherri

      I love your videos, really inspiring and helpful

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