make-him-love-you (2)A very frustrating feeling we’ve all felt at some point is the suspicion that you may have accidentally pushed a man you were excited about away – or that you might have even flat-out scared a good man off.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent that from happening is make a man feel like you really “get” him.

Most women think the best way to attract a man and inspire his love and devotion is by always looking perfect, wearing sexy clothes, or doing nice things for him.

Many women think that if they make themselves look good enough or act sweet enough, that’s what’s going to make a man fall in love.

Not only is this the wrong way to go about inspiring a man’s love and devotion – it actually comes across as desperate to a man if he feels like a woman is trying to GET him to want her.

What a man really needs to feel in order to fall in love is that you UNDERSTAND him as a man.

You’d be very surprised how easy it is to send a man the wrong signal, and make him think you don’t get him at all!

A lot of women pretend to understand a man in order to “pry open his heart” – but it backfires on them when they go about it in all the wrong ways.

For example, if a woman pretends to be interested in a man’s hobbies or sports or television shows, but she’s really faking it to try to win his affection or love – an alarm goes off in his head when he figures it out (and he always does).

This causes him to feel distrustful and unsafe with her on a very deep, unconscious level – which ends up pushing him away.

What you want to do instead is show him that you not only understand men, you also understand the unique things about HIM as a man.

Men can tell when a woman really “gets” him, and when it’s just a trick to try to win his love or get him to open up. Men are extremely sensitive to this and can feel it in your vibe.

At the same time, if you show a man what relationship expert Carlos Cavallo calls the Secret Signal, you can have just about any man spellbound and irresistibly desiring you.

This has nothing to do with sex. In fact, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to sleep with a man too quickly just because you think you’ll lose him or he might “move on” if you don’t.

The Secret Signal has to do with showing a man that he’s emotionally SAFE with you. When a man feels safe around you, his heart opens up – and it unleashes his feelings of intense love and passion for you.

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Men need two things in order to fall in love – SAFETY and THRILLS. Well, you’re already providing the thrills just by being a woman. Most women need a little extra help with the safety part.

If you’ve ever seen a good man completely consumed with love and desire for a woman, you can be certain that she’s made him feel emotionally safe with her. 

Once you learn how to do this, it will turn you into a magnet for men – either the man you’re with now, or all the amazing men you’re about to meet!

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