What Men Are Looking For In Your Online Dating Pictures

online-dating-photoWhen it comes to online dating and dating apps, your pictures are EXTREMELY important.
If all of your friends think your profile is fabulous but you’re not getting many emails or dates, your profile and pictures may not be as great as you think they are.
It’s important to see your online dating profile and pictures from the point of view of someone of the opposite sex. You also need to view them from the perspective of someone who’s seeing you for the first time, rather than from the perspective of someone who already knows you.

The truth is, when you do a search on an online dating site, you basically get a list of people’s main profile pictures – and you decide who you want to learn more about from there.

I see many women put a lot of effort into writing a perfect profile, but no one ends up seeing it because their pictures aren’t telling their story first.

It’s so important that your pictures stand out and really celebrate who you are.

This is especially crucial in that initial search results “lineup” – your main profile picture really needs to JUMP off the screen, because that’s the point at which someone decides whether or not they want to learn more about you.

What tends to happen is that women want to have pretty pictures – so they get “glamour shots” or omit certain parts of themselves that they think are undesirable.

For example, they’ll crop the picture so it’s just of their face. If a woman doesn’t have any full-body pictures or if all of her pictures are blurry, it almost always makes a man wonder what she’s hiding.

Here are three of the most important things men are looking for in your pictures:

1. Color

Color is so important for standing out in that initial list that comes up when someone does a search on an online dating site. Many women are wearing mostly black in their pictures because they think it’s slimming – which makes them blend right in to the rest of the “lineup” and they don’t stand out at all.
It’s been proven that men will perceive a woman as more attractive if she’s wearing red. I once had a client who wasn’t getting any emails from men on Match.com. I had her change her main profile picture to one where she was wearing a red dress, and she got about 20 new emails from men overnight!
So red specifically is great – but any color of clothing is better than black. Find YOUR version of red and get rid of the little black dress in your pictures.

2. Context 

What is your life about? What details would you want someone who’s just glancing at your profile for the first time to know? The pretty “glamour shots” often don’t tell a man anything about you.
As we all know, men are VERY visual. They fall in love with their eyes – and the truth is, they’re likely not going to read every single word in your profile. You need to tell them what you’re interested in and what your life is about with your pictures.
If you love hiking or being in nature, include a picture of yourself outdoors – that will often tell a man much more than writing about it in your profile.

3. Character 

This is the biggest component that’s missing in most of the profile pictures I see. People tend to hide from the things that make them unique. Most people don’t realize that it’s actually those things that are going to make someone take notice – and make you irresistible to the right man for you.
Many profiles say the same general statements – such as, “I’m just as happy cooking at home as I am going to a 5-star restaurant.” That may be true, but when it comes to your pictures, “pick a side of the street” and highlight your best character traits.
For example, maybe you’d describe yourself as “nerdy” – that’s great! There are SO many men out there looking for someone just like you, and those men are going to feel drawn to you when you show them who you really are in your pictures. When you let your true character shine, the right man for you will notice instantly – and nothing will be able to stop him from contacting you!

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