"Pillow Talk" Interview With Amanda Neill

Fluffy soft red heartThis interview is full of SO many helpful tips that will help you no matter where you are in your love life. In this interview with “Birth of Venus” Coaching creator Amanda Neill, I answer some of your tough questions:
– How can a woman recapture her man’s attention and affection when he’s withdrawing?
– What are some things women can do to become more attractive and alluring to men?
– How can a woman keep her fear of intimacy from holding her back in love?
– What can women do to connect with a man’s heart?
– How can women start stripping away the defenses that block love from coming toward them?
– What can women do to start attracting high quality men?
– How do you switch form masculine energy to feminine energy in dating and relationships?
– What can a woman do to let go of the need to control everything in her relationship?
– How would you help a woman who’s anxious or depressed?
– What can women do to stop beating themselves up?
– How can women express their anger without pushing their man away?
– How can a woman get a man to call if he’s not calling?
– What are some of the biggest mistakes women are making in dating and relationships – and how can they avoid making them?
– How do you help women who are frustrated and “fed up” with dating?
– What can women do to get the fastest results in their love life?
You can listen to the interview here:

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