Beautiful woman in checkered dress in a fieldIn the last post, I explained that you don’t need to be hard on yourself in order to achieve everything you want in your life.
Most of us have a critical voice inside our heads that’s telling us that we’re doing it all wrong, or that we’re not doing enough.
In order to stop being so hard on yourself, what you want to do is look for that voice that’s blaming you or beating you up, and break that contract.

In a sense you’ve made a contract with that voice – you’ve made a decision to buy into its whole story of who you are. Up until now you’ve continued to play out that contract, and it’s time for you to break that contract and say, “I no longer need to be the kind of person you think I needed to be. I get to be myself.”

This doesn’t have to take years and years! You don’t have to go digging around in your past because the thought is happening right NOW – so you can work with it in this moment and turn it around.

Every moment is an opportunity to start fresh, change your thoughts, and approach things in a new way.

We often have behaviors that we THINK are helping us in the bigger picture, but they’re actually doing just the opposite!

We often think we need be hard on ourselves and strive for perfection in order to achieve what we want – we tend to connect these things together.

For example, if you have a tough “inner critic” who’s driving you forward, you may think that you’d turn into a lazy slob if you didn’t have that “inner critic” inside of you.

Take a look at how you motivate yourself. Do you motivate yourself from a place of criticism or from a place of rewards and acceptance of yourself?

When you’re driven to do something – when you have ambitions to be successful or serve people or to be loving, kind, and compassionate – those characteristics that you have inside of you are YOURS, whether you have an “inner critic” or not.

It’s time to separate your “inner critic” from all the benefits you THINK you’re getting from that criticism!

We’re not “human doings” – we’re human beings. You want to be moving through the world as your highest and best self, without blaming yourself or beating yourself up when you feel like things aren’t going your way.

That’s the place where you can attract everything you desire and create the life of your dreams. It’s also the place where you can connect with the right man for you and create an amazing life together!

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