resultA little-known important step to attracting everything you want in your love life involves releasing your attachment to the outcome and the result.
Energetically speaking, the more attached you are to having or NEEDING a certain outcome, the less likely you are to get it.
The reason for this is, the more you think you need to have something a certain way, the more resistance you’ll have towards NOT getting it that way.

Remember, what you focus on grows – and what you resist persists.

Similarly, if you’re very attached to a “bad” thing NOT happening, you’re actually going to be empowering it.
The less afraid you are of the “bad” stuff, the more powerfully you’ll be able to pull in the “good” stuff!
The more you can release your attachment to the result – the more you can trust that GOOD things are coming your way – the more easily you’ll be able to make changes in your life and attract everything you desire.

There’s a Buddhist saying that says, “Attachment to result is the root of all suffering.”

I would agree with that – the more attached you are to getting a certain result, the more you’re going to be resisting and fighting against other things that might happen – and therefore the more you’re going to be empowering them and drawing them into your life.
It seems ironic, but the more you feel like you need something to be a certain way, the less likely you are to actually have it that way.
Another way to put this is…

The more ok you are with your life exactly how it is right now, the easier it will be to affect change.

It’s like practicing falling before you go skiing or snowboarding – people do this because the more afraid they are of falling, the more rigid they are and the more likely they are to get hurt if they DO fall.
The same thing goes for opening up to another person in dating and relationships – you have to release your resistance to the bad things that might happen – and you have to release your attachment to the result.

You WANT to learn how to “fall” and make it ok to “fail” and go through difficult times in your life. This is part of learning to trust yourself and your intuition.

You also want to make it ok to fall in love – because the less afraid you are of those “bad” things, the less likely they are to happen – and if they do happen, they’ll be much less painful, and you’ll be able to recover much more quickly and move ahead towards the relationship of your dreams.
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