IMG_0462For me, “having it all” in work and love involved getting my masculine energy in gear for MYSELF so I could recognize love when it showed up, and then allow it to organically become everything I ever dreamed of – rather than using my masculine energy to try to “make something happen” in my love life.
Before I started doing what I loved to do for work, I felt like I was working for someone else’s dream and not living up to my full potential – so I found myself trying to “make up the difference” in my love life.

I was using my masculine energy in all the wrong ways by focusing all of my mental energy on trying to find a man and a relationship – I was so attached to the “result” that I never got what I wanted.

When I started using my masculine energy for myself and my OWN life, that’s when my wonderful husband showed up – and I was actually open to him! Before this, I had only been open to a specific “type” of man that never worked out for me.

Using my masculine energy for myself and my work is what ALLOWS me to be in my feminine energy when I’m with my husband, which I believe is the key to what makes my relationship so incredible.

Here are two Tips For “Having It All” in work so that you can start getting your masculine energy in gear for YOURSELF:

1. Inevitability Thinking

Set up conditions so that what you want to accomplish in your work WILL inevitably happen.

Ask yourself, “What conditions do I have to put into place so that what I want to accomplish happens automatically?

Make a public business, social, or financial commitment to make sure you’re going to accomplish what you want.

For example, if you’re writing a book, allow people to pre-order it and state that it will be available by a certain date.

If you’re recording a program or some sort of training, consider recording it LIVE so that you have to come up with material by a certain date since people will be showing up.

2. Use Your Feminine Energy To Intuit What Would FEEL Best To Do In The Moment

Allow your innate feminine energy to organically create your “time effectiveness.”

Strict schedules, rules, and using my willpower to try to FORCE myself to do something I needed to get done has never worked all that well for me.

Try using your feminine energy to ask yourself what would feel best do in the moment – and then let your masculine energy put it into play.

I find that I get so much more done when I just do what I FEEL most compelled to do in the moment.

By the way, this “system” works WONDERS in your love life too!

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