attract-himI hear from women every day who are looking to attract the right man for them, or re-attract a man who’s been acting distant or pulling away.
If you’re in this situation, the first thing you want to do is make sure you’re not chasing love or seeking validation outside of yourself.
If you’re chasing love or seeking validation outside of yourself, you’ll deter the RIGHT man from coming towards you.
If you’re in a relationship, not feeling “whole” within yourself will push your partner away on a deep, unconscious level.
Before I turned my love life around, I remember always subtly looking to a MAN to make my life feel complete, because on the inside I wasn’t feeling complete within myself. I was approaching dating and relationships in all the wrong ways!

Everyone knows that confidence is sexy – but to take this a step further, one of the most important qualities of highly attractive people is that their sense of self-worth comes from WITHIN.

Highly attractive people aren’t constantly searching for validation in other people because they’re confident enough to find it within themselves. These are the type of women who seem to effortlessly attract love and fantastic men who feel devoted to them forever. 
When you put the key to your happiness or sense of worthiness in someone else’s hands – if they don’t do what you want, deep down you can take that to mean that you’re not worthwhile or lovable!
In order to stop chasing love outside of yourself, you need to realize that love doesn’t come from somewhere “out there” – it first comes from INSIDE yourself.
If you don’t learn to get that love from yourself first, you’ll always be “faking” your way through love. You’ll find yourself trying really hard to become what someone else wants. It’s exhausting to keep up the false facade!

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that life always mirrors back to us the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we have inside.

This means that you can never attract the right partner or create love in your life by talking or thinking about being lonely, or coming from a place of “lack.” Feeling lonely and needy just pushes love and the right man for you away.
Similarly, you can’t re-attract your man or heal your relationship by talking or thinking about how terrible things are right now. This only puts the attention on the problem, not the solution.
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