In the last post, I shared how to move out of a fear-based way of thinking and away from the heartache of your past.
This was inspired by the quote: “Every decision we make is either based on FEAR or FAITH.”
Now I want to reveal how to move INTO a faith-based frame of mind. Here’s how to do it:

1. Look for evidence that your “love story” exists.

Look for real-life love stories of people who are in a similar situation as you. No matter what it is that you feel might stop you from getting the love you want, you can find evidence that love knows no bounds.

Start looking for positive love stories of people who are just like you. Focus on what you WANT rather than what you DON’T want. Remember, what you focus on grows.

2. Keep your heart open 100% of the time.

Being authentic and honest about what you want will automatically move you into a faith-based frame of mind.

Be curious and genuinely interested in what others have to say. Practice keeping your heart open all the time with everyone who crosses your path, even when there are no eligible men in sight.

3. Write down every success you’ve ever had – no matter how small.

Make a list of everything everyone’s ever told you that made you feel amazing. This will help you to embrace the idea that you’re lovable and of infinite value exactly as you are.

You don’t have to “fix” yourself before you’ll find the right man for you – you just have to be comfortable enough to say, “This is who I am.”

You’ll be irresistible just as you are to the right man for you – all you have to do is be the best version of yourself.

Some say that the only thing in your way to getting the love you want is YOU and your view of yourself.
If you’re pretending to be someone you’re not in an attempt to get love, not only is it exhausting – you’re wasting your own time and energy and putting up obstacles up for the RIGHT man to find you!
I believe that if you have a desire for love, you’re AUTOMATICALLY worthy! If you truly believe that you’re lovable just as you are, the right man for you will love and adore every cell of your being!
You don’t have to be “perfect” – you just have to know that you’re of infinite value. Confidence is the “universal attractant” – everyone finds confidence sexy!

Think about a decision you’re making in your life right now and ask yourself, “Am I coming from a place of FEAR or FAITH?”

Are you staying in a relationship or a job that doesn’t fulfill you because you have faith that things will improve – or out of fear that there’s nothing else out there for you?
Either answer could be true for you! The key is to be totally honest with yourself and see where you can start moving out of fear and into a faith-based frame of mind.

    4 replies to "Are You Acting Out Of Fear Or Faith? – Part 2"

    • Christina

      Hi Helena,
      This is a great reminder to focus on love instead of fear. Do you think sorrow/sadness is also a kind of fear? I keep dealing with waves of sorrow when I meet new men, or even when I think about my ex, and I’m not sure what that is all about.

      • Helena Hart

        Christina – great question! The sorrow and sadness that you’re feeling might actually be GRIEF. When you’re working to turn your patterns around – there’s actually some grief that you’ll go through.
        You may experience some of the the classic stages of grief – such as anger or depression – YET, nobody says how long this needs to take! Alchemy can happen in a moment – once you add in a new “ingredient” like forgiving yourself or acting out of FAITH instead of fear – everything can start to shift in a new direction.
        You don’t have to “get over” the last man who broke your heart before you can forgive yourself and put yourself out there again. All you need to remember is that everything starts with you forgiving, accepting, and loving yourself no matter what happens.
        Love, Helena

    • Amber

      I love this concept! When I realized that I am enough just the way I am, suddenly, so did my man. We’ve been on/off for over two years and now he’s saying things like “you are enough” “you’re perfect” “I want you to stay forever, what can I do?” I love this shift in our relationship! Even things that were previously negative triggers are being resolved differently. He can tell me how my words or actions make him uncomfortable and I no longer feel like he’s judging me, because I’m not judging MYSELF! This has become a positive cycle now, with both of us opening up about how we feel. Thanks, Helena, I really appreciate you!

      • Helena Hart

        Amber – this is AWESOME!!! I’m SO happy for you and the progress you’ve made in yourself and in your relationship! 🙂
        Love, Helena

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