Fear Is The Gatekeeper To Your New Love Life

fearA great concept that I learned from my brilliant mentor Rori Raye about what holds us back in love is this idea that fear is the “gatekeeper.”
It means that fear is the entry point. Fear is standing by the door to your new love life, and it’s only letting you through if you want it to. 
So what you want to do is make friends with the gatekeeper.
You don’t need to prove yourself to it, or learn some sort of complicated language or password to try to persuade the gatekeeper to let you through.

It’s important to understand that the gatekeeper is YOU.

It’s a part of you – and it’s probably just a very little person standing by the door, not wanting you to do something that feels scary or “unknown” because she’s trying to protect you.
So not only is fear watching you and holding you back by blocking your entry into your new life – it IS that entry point. In other words, it’s the way through.

To go through the door to your new love life, you have to befriend and EMBRACE the gatekeeper, who will let you through to the other side.

I love this concept, because whenever I feel afraid I can access this image immediately.

For me, fear isn’t a loud voice that’s screaming at me – it’s more of a quiet, matter-of-fact voice that’s running in the background of my mind every time I want to try something new in life or in love.

It says things like, “You can’t have that…that’s not for you…that’s for somebody else who’s more deserving, someone who can actually DO that…”

It’s a quiet, constant “tape” that’s running through my mind, so it can be easy to mistake what it’s saying for FACT.

That’s why it’s so important to really get conscious of these things and start becoming aware of your fear and embrace it.

If you can see fear as an open yet “guarded” door – your way to the next step – you can start mustering up enough courage to befriend fear and just keep walking through that door.

Just imagine giving that gatekeeper a hug or patting her on the head and saying, “I’m going through.”
You don’t need the gatekeeper’s permission – it’s just a piece of yourself that YOU’VE put there.
This can help you start to see fear NOT as this big, scary thing that you have to “overcome” – it’s just a piece of you that you want to embrace and love, just like every other part of yourself.

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