Shift Your Vibe And Instantly Attract More Love With This New Tool

broadcast-loveIf you’re at a place where you’re feeling stuck – where you don’t seem to be getting all the love you want and deserve – you CAN turn things around and start to attract more love into your life.
The key is in shifting your VIBE.
I believe that our life’s purpose is to love and be loved – and everyone has the ability within them to love and be loved.

However (if you’re anything like I was), you may have an “armor” around you that makes you feel that you can’t be loved, or that there must be something wrong with you.

Sometimes our perception is that we’re not lovable, or that we don’t know how to love or allow ourselves to be loved – and we can start to experience the world through the lens of those belief systems.

The good news is, you CAN shift your vibe and your experience, and tremendous healing can happen quickly once you’re willing to allow it to happen. This new tool will help you get there…

New Tool: Radio Tower Of Love

1. Imagine you’re a radio tower that’s “broadcasting” love, gratitude, and appreciation to everyone and everything around you – just by being who you are.

2. Start noticing everything around you with love, appreciation, and gratitude.

Say things to yourself like, “I’m so grateful to be spending time with my friends” or “I really appreciate this delicious food.”

3. As you go about your day, start sending thoughts of love to everyone you see.

If you’re somewhere where there are other people around, such as a store or a restaurant – start thinking, “I love your smile” or “I love the way you’re looking at her” – and “broadcast” love to people that way.

When you start moving into gratitude, love, and appreciation this way – without trying to make something happen or control the situation – you’ll automatically start ATTRACTING more love towards you!

This is based on the Law of Attraction concept that “like attracts like.” It will also allow you to have more love and compassion towards yourself.

When you explore how loving and compassionate you can be – and move into practicing love – you actually release the idea that you HAVE a lack, or that you’re lonely, or that you’re not enough.

“Broadcasting” love, gratitude, and appreciation is how you build that muscle and naturally heal your feelings of unworthiness.

When you do this is, everyone around you will be magnetized to you. 

Love IS healing because love is our true nature. When you start practicing love without judgment and without trying to get anything in return, you step into that place of healing – and this can happen quickly!

You can turn from judgment to love in an instant – it’s amazing how fast this can happen once you’re willing to make the shift.

When we’re being loving, we’re healing the idea that there’s something wrong with us, or that love isn’t available to us – because we’re actually BEING the love ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Shift Your Vibe And Instantly Attract More Love With This New Tool”

  1. This is such a great tool, Helena! Some years ago after a break up I had the inspired idea that instead of working so hard to bring love into my life, I needed to *let love move me* through my life. When I started to surf on this current of love things started to feel so much better. Now, if I can just remember to do this when I’m in a relationship…. 😉

    1. Thanks Christina!! I LOVE the idea of letting love move you and “surfing on a current of love” – that’s such a beautiful image and way to live life!
      Love, Helena

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