How To Get Your Needs Met In Your Relationship (In 3 Simple Steps)

couple_kissMy friend Randy Bennett is a licensed relationship expert with 25 years of experience counseling successful couples.
He’s discovered that women who succeed with men have a specific kind of confidence that can crack open the heart of even the most difficult man, and get him to treat her like a queen.
In this article, he gives you three specific things you can do to start getting your needs met in your relationship. Enjoy!
You KNOW what you want from your man – but perhaps he’s let you down so many times that it’s hard to believe he’ll ever change.
Fortunately, I’ve discovered three simple steps that will give you the confidence to start getting what you want from your man. This actually makes you much MORE attractive to him in the process!

Step #1: Escape Negative Patterns

Our lives are spent developing patterns of behavior. Some are positive patterns that empower us – others are negative patterns that hurt us.

The problem with negative patterns is, we get used to them. We often don’t notice we’re repeating them. Even worse, these patterns often get reinforced by other people in our lives.

The first step to escaping negative patterns is developing the kind of confidence to where you believe that you COULD walk away from the relationship if things don’t improve in a way that feels good to you.

It may sound counterintuitive, but you first have to truly believe that you’ll be fine no matter what happens in order to eliminate negative patterns from your relationship.

It’s not about you “quitting” the relationship. It’s about you feeling EMPOWERED to make decisions for yourself that can remove negative behavior from your life – both your own negative behavior patterns as well as his.

Step #2: Build Your “Family Of Choice”

To build a strong relationship, you need a strong sense of self – a “steely inner core.”

You may have a hard time articulating what you want and going for it, especially if you’re being negatively influenced by those around you.

This is when I recommend developing a “family of choice” – which means surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest at heart and help you to be your strongest self.

Your “family of choice” allows you the freedom to make choices that are right for YOU, and reminds you that you deserve all the love and support that you desire.

Step #3: Balance Your Thoughts And Emotions

We all have negative thoughts and emotions at times. The goal is not to eliminate them completely from your life – the goal is to learn to work on your response to them.

This way you can break free from the patterns that hold you back from getting what you want. This takes some time and practice.

Right now, you and your man may be locked in a “Dance of Dysfunction.” That tends to throw you BOTH off balance.

If you can get out of that cycle, and balance your own thoughts and emotions, you’ll suddenly discover your “best self.”

Believe me, your man will notice the difference! A strong, confident woman is sexy – it will magnetize him towards you.

Whatever the outcome of your new efforts, you know that you’re stepping out into the world a stronger, more self-assured and self-confident person, and that alone is worth the effort.

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I wish you the best,
Randall E. Bennett, M.A., L.M.F.T., L.C.P.C.
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