Soul TalkSoul Talk is a gathering of over 30 compelling guests and bestselling authors committed to helping you build the life of your dreams.
I felt so honored to be one of the featured guests on Soul Talk! The replay of this interview and special offer are available for a limited time.

Listen To This Interview And Learn…

 The Dynamics Of Attraction And What Makes A Man Fall In Love
♥ How To Keep A Man’s Energy Coming Towards You Throughout Your Entire Relationship
 The Top Two Things You Should Be Looking For In A Man To Increase Your Success In Dating And Relationships
How To Combine Your Masculine And Feminine Energies And Use Them In A Way That Works FOR You (Not Against You) In Your Love Life
 What To Do If You’re Attracted To Men Who Keep You At A Distance Or Who Break Your Heart
 The Difference Between “Instant Chemistry” And REAL Chemistry (And How To Create Real, Lasting Chemistry With A Man)
♥ How To Create A Sense Of Safety In Your Relationship So A Man WANTS To Open Up To You

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    • Shari

      Love this interview, thanks for sharing!

    • Linda

      Wonderful information, thank you so much!!

    • Christina

      Really great tips, I needed to be reminded of this today! 🙂

    • Olivia

      thanks for this great info!

    • Kristi

      Awesome advice, thank you!!!

    • Hayley

      Very helpful tips, what you shared really works! 🙂

    • Noelle

      Really good stuff, love your eBook too!

    • Steph

      “Men fall in love when they’re giving to US” – so true!! Great interview!

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