feeling-messagesHere’s a great question from Linda, who’d like some help coming up with feeling messages for everyday statements. This works for text messages, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations.
The Question:
Hi Helena, I’m good at feeling messages when they seem obvious (“I feel happy” or “I feel confused”). I definitely have not mastered the feeling messages with random things (i.e., how I feel holding a book). It’s also hard for me when replying in a text message. So, if a guy is texting (again, I have the “I feel happy” part down), how else can you use feeling messages? – Linda
My Answer:
Linda – this is a great question! Rori Raye’s feeling messages are a powerful way to build attraction with a man and connect with his heart.

A man will feel intensely attracted to you when you’re in touch with your feelings and in your feminine energy – when you’re fully experiencing life and getting inside of every moment.

To start building the skill of getting in touch with your feelings – you’ll want start small, with everyday things – like the weather or things that happened during your day.
For most of us, expressing how everyday things FEEL to us is completely unnatural – it’s like learning a new language. The good news is, most men will ask you the same questions all the time – so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to practice!
Men will usually ask you questions like:

“How’ve you been?”

“How was your day?”

“What are you up to?”

Rather than simply stating the facts, such as…

“I’ve been good.”

“Work was busy.”

“I’m about to fall asleep.”

…try a “poetic” response using feeling messages instead:

“I’m feeling exhilarated with all the new projects I’m starting!”

“Work felt overwhelming today, it feels great to be home relaxing.”

“I feel so cozy in my bed, about to drift off to sleep.”

When it comes to expressing how more “random” things feel to you (Linda mentioned holding a book), you can try things like…

“This book feels heavy.”

“The desk feels smooth.”

“This blanket feels so soft” or “I feel soft in this blanket.”

“The breeze feels so refreshing on my skin.”

“This sweater feels warm” or “I feel so warm in this sweater.”

“It feels good to hear your voice!”

These are just some options – the key here is to get in touch with how these things feel to YOU. See if you can find a poetic way to express how feelings are coming up in you.
It may not seem like a big change, but using the word “feel” when you’re talking to a man triggers something in his mind (and in yours!) and captivates him.

Just the ENERGY of you standing there searching for a feeling is the sexiest thing in the world to a man!

This will get you into your feminine energy. 
It signals to a man that you’re a feminine-energy woman who’s in touch with her feelings – which will attract him if he’s a masculine-energy man who will cherish your feelings.
It also gets your focus OFF of a man and onto yourself – which is what draws a man in to you and keeps his energy coming towards you.
Try it next time you’re talking to a man – or responding to an email or text message – and see what happens!

Click here to learn my step-by-step process for translating everyday statements into feeling messages.

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