what-is-he-thinkingAs everyone knows, men’s brains are wired very differently than ours, so the reasons why men do certain things and don’t do other things can be both baffling and frustrating at times.
If you were able to develop a deeper understanding of how men think, you’d come to understand why a man does what he does.
Understanding the way men think would give you the ability to respond in certain ways and make requests to him in a manner which would make him feel more attracted and connected to you and bring him CLOSER.
When you appreciate men for their differences, it makes men more willing to allow you to influence them. To do so, you must put aside some of your current beliefs about men and learn what they think and how they operate.
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What’s He Really Thinking?

Bob Grant, L.P.C., has been helping women attract and maintain the relationship of their dreams in his private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Coach for the past 17 years. Enjoy!

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