Here’s a question from Melissa, who’s online dating and experiencing something I get asked about a lot – so I thought it would be helpful for everyone.
The Question:
Hi Helena,
Last night another man wrote to me expressing his interest and wanting to meet. When I got home I checked out his profile. I thought I’d reply to him this morning. Later last night he wrote to me again reiterating his interest and desire to meet. I’d consider meeting him for practice, but his insistence has me on edge a bit – he seems to be coming on too strong. What do you think? Should I agree to meet but explain that I’m not looking for a “serious, long term relationship” but I am just dating right now and meeting lots of people? Thanks!
My Answer:

Melissa, this is a GOOD problem to have! Yes, I would definitely meet him to practice everything you’ve been working on.
This man is doing what men are supposed to do – they’re SUPPOSED to pursue you and want to move things forward!
There’s no need to explain anything to him! We all feel the need to explain ourselves at times – but I want you to start catching yourself when you feel the urge to explain yourself to a man.
If he comes on too strong after you meet and it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always take a step back at any time – but since you TRUST YOURSELF to do that, you want to keep your energy open and let these masculine-energy men pursue you.
This is about being strong on the inside and soft on the outside.

Since you’re strong on the INSIDE and you trust yourself and your boundaries – this is what allows you to be warm, soft, and completely surrendered on the OUTSIDE.

In other words, you don’t want your boundaries to be on the outside so that people can’t get close or pursue you. 
You want to keep your energy open 100% of the time, and trust yourself to take a step back when it starts to feel like “too much” – rather than building a wall around yourself so no one can get close to you.
Allow all available men to pursue you and if they come on strong, take it as a compliment!

Love, Helena

    2 replies to "What To Do When A Man Is Coming On Too Strong"

    • Carrie

      The “strong on the inside and soft on the outside” approach works like charm…every time!

      • Helena Hart

        Thanks Carrie! It ABSOLUTELY does!!!
        Love, Helena

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