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Have you seen these titles on your local bookstore shelf or while perusing Amazon?
• Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
• Why Men Marry Bitches
• Women Who Love Too Much
These are titles of best-selling books – and they shout out an avid curiosity about what it means to be masculine and feminine.
Do you feel “at home in your own skin” while engaging in romance?
Do you know when you’re employing your masculine and feminine energies?
In this radio interview, I reveal why we’ve got it all backwards when it comes to how we “show up” in romantic relationships – and how to balance your masculine and feminine energies for success in your love life.
You’ll learn what it means for a woman to “lean back” and a man to “lean forward.”
In the Excellent Self Care segment, Kate Nash, owner of Cosmotion, shows you how the body’s expression of masculine and feminine energies will profoundly impact your relationships. She explains an easy exercise that integrates these energies on a daily basis.
Be sure to listen to the end, where Curtis Knecht, MFT, CPCC, delivers “How to Make It Real” tips in the ever-popular Relationship Reality Check.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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    • Arianna Bermudez

      Awesome job, Helena! You sound fantastic! Very helpful interview.

      • Helena Hart

        Thank you!! I’m glad it was helpful! 🙂
        Love, Helena

    • Lisa

      Loved this Helena! I listened to it 3 times…

      • Helena Hart

        Thanks Lisa!! So happy to hear you enjoyed it!
        Love, Helena

    • smile

      Nice work, your blog is a great resource!

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