love_questionIf you have any questions about attraction, dating, relationships, masculine and feminine energy, what to say to a man – or anything else about love – please ask them in the Comments section below.
Feel free to use an “alias” or different name if you’d like. I’d love to answer your questions in a blog post or upcoming teleclass. I look forward to hearing from you!
Love, Helena

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    • Isabel Easson

      After been cheated on previously and my partner recently leaving me because he doesnt like my son as he has an attachment disorder, I’ve lost all confidence and don’t think I’ll ever recover or meet someone.

    • shopgirl

      I have been “seeing” this guy for a year now but every time he visits and leaves I never know when I am going to see him again. He won’t call for days and I won’t see him for weeks at a time! Should I just let it go?

    • Mary Ann

      I’m online dating and trying to stay open but it really gets me down when men disappear on me after a couple dates, or a couple weeks of dating. I can’t stop analyzing or wondering what I must be doing wrong. I want to find the right guy who’s not going to disappear.

    • Arianna Bermudez

      What’s up with the overly flirtatious men? Is it insecurity? How do we deal with that?

    • Amanda

      I love learning about masculine and feminine energies and how to use them to boost my own confidence as well as make a man feel “safe” to connect through the heart. But sometimes I worry that my “boy” energies take such good care of my “girl” energies that I’ll just end up by myself! I feel like being alone is a better deal than being with a man who doesn’t excite me and I feel sad when I think about this.

    • Helena Hart

      I LOVE these questions!! I’m going to answer all of them (and any others you can think of!) in my “Effortlessly Attract Love” FREE Teleclass on February 4th, 2014 at 5:30pm PST. You can find out more information about the teleclass here:
      Keep posting your questions and I’ll be sure to answer them during the teleclass!
      Love, Helena

    • jewel

      Friend is trying to hook me up with this guy and he doesn’t want to feel like its a blind date. my friend and I are trying to set a for a lunch get together with this guy, however, my friend is unable to join. should I even invite this guy for lunch ?

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