As you probably already know, understanding the difference between masculine and feminine energy is crucial when it comes to having the love and relationship you want.

Although we all have both masculine and feminine energy inside of us (and both play an important role in our lives), in our romantic relationships we choose to be either primarily the masculine or feminine energy partner.

Masculine energy is all about doing, thinking, planning, scheduling and making decisions. Feminine energy is about being, receiving, allowing, experiencing, expressing and responding.

To take this a step further, I want to talk about EMPOWERED masculine and feminine energy versus WOUNDED masculine and feminine energy.  

Empowered masculine energy looks like making plans, knowing what the next steps are, following through and getting things done.

Wounded masculine energy is shown through manipulation, being overly aggressive, trying to get your way at all costs, throwing a tantrum or bullying.

Empowered feminine energy is the willingness to be “seen” and to express your needs and desires – it’s the receiving and allowing energy.

Wounded feminine energy is always looking for someone to save you when you lack the motivation to take care of yourself – it’s the “damsel in distress” energy.

We typically choose partners that mirror back to us what we believe, so if we’re living from our wounded masculine or wounded feminine energy (or a combination of both), we’ll choose someone who reflects that back to us by attracting – and being attracted TO – the wounded parts of ourselves in others, especially in romantic relationships.

This is NOT about blaming yourself for where you’re at in your love life – if you’re familiar with my work, you know that beating yourself up will never help you!

It’s about becoming aware of the fact that your partner or the people you’re attracting are mirroring back TO you what needs to shift inside of you so you can have the loving, committed relationship you want.

In order to shift the dynamic in your relationship or start attracting better partners for you, you first need to heal the wounded masculine and wounded feminine energies within yourself.

Once this energy is healed within you, it will be reflected back TO you from your partner (or from the people you’re attracting if you’re single).

The first step to healing these energies within yourself is AWARENESS. Notice if you’re always trying to “make something happen” in your relationship or get your partner to do what you want them to do – this is an example of wounded masculine energy.

If you tend to go to the other extreme of feeling hopeless and unloved when you find yourself in a place you don’t want to be in your love life – or you’re frustrated with your current circumstances and you’re WAITING for your partner to make everything “right” – these are examples of the wounded feminine.

For example, if you find yourself waiting for someone to make up their mind about you, or you feel like you’re endlessly waiting to get the commitment you want (or to feel loved and cherished), this is a reflection of the wounded feminine. Constant feelings of worry and doubt are also signs of wounded feminine energy.

Empowered masculine energy is about putting your focus back on yourself and your OWN life, rather than using that energy to obsess about your relationship. It’s about being able to take care of your own needs so you’re not always looking to your partner to fulfill every need for you.

While the wounded masculine will show up with anger or blame and try to force a certain outcome, the empowered masculine loves to give freely without an agenda – and without trying to “get” something back in return.

Empowered feminine energy is about TRUSTING that things are always working out for you. It’s also about focusing on pleasure and self-care, and saying “no” to things that you don’t have time for so that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed.

I explain exactly how to heal your wounded masculine and feminine energies so you can step into your EMPOWERED energies and inspire a man’s love, devotion and lifelong commitment in The Art Of Getting The Commitment You WantClick the image below to learn more:

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    • janne wallace

      hi helena
      (since i’m having trouble leaving my best email in the bar above, i’ll leave it below)
      for the refer to utilize the insight that is through the body of work per wilhelm reich-on character structure,
      i know that i emit of my best person if she is in her beholden of Divine Feminine energy, and templates Divine masculine energy to connect with-through her Light/positived side of Schizoid and de-compersating Oral-as a thoroughfaire of safe embody. there are far too many shadowed masculine (men) beholden around in the world, who aren’t instead held accountable to change/decomposite the shadow with their Divine masculine brother and Divine fenimine co-synergist’s assistance..resulting many a hurtpocket of embodies by which to clean up from their cross..and by alot of their gall to not account for their shadow of my get the pointed of finger at, and accused of not being safe bcs i’m not physically beautiful/smoking hot.
      so indeed-by help of book, profile AND point into places that you have know of-can i meet the safety of Divine masculine men. have you resources? there’s not a woman around that does’nt need the template/pro-active experience turned into: clean, healthy and in Lightened support from men who demonstrate/uphold Divine over shadowed masculine..even if these accounts of such the behaven beholden-don’t turn into greatest persuit..the gain of friends (for i truly don’t have even these men-in my life..and indeed they are truly welcomed-to help me and they practice how-to’s). i need an arena/circle to practice the beholden of/surrounded by: safe people who are beholden accountable in their Divinities. again have these resources?
      thank you incessantly for your contact:) jw

    • Melissa K Franklin

      Oh my. I have been working in both the Wounded Masculine and Feminine in my relationship and I think my boyfriend has been as well. We are a mess trying to fumble through this. But at least now I know what’s “really going on”.
      Thank you Helena.

    • Aga

      Fantastic informator,Thank you so much for sharing 💗

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