How Did George Clooney's Wife Capture His Heart?

Hget-his-heartere’s a question from a reader about George Clooney’s recent marriage (something I’ve been getting asking about a LOT lately). I thought it would be helpful for you no matter where you’re at in your love life. 
The Question:
Hi Helena, what do you think about George Clooney’s recent marriage? A long time ago he swore off marriage and dated a long series of women who were hoping to change him. What do you attribute to his sudden change of heart? Was it timing, or a woman who completely leaned back who captured his heart? Or did he just change? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! – Kristen
My Answer:
Kristen – I love this question, and I’ve been getting asked about this a lot lately. So many women seem to want to know – how did George Clooney, who had often declared himself “single for life” fall head over heels in love and finally decide to settle down?
While there’s no way to know the exact details of their relationship, I did do some research, and here’s what I discovered…
Her name is Amal Alamuddin and she’s a lawyer – an extremely accomplished lawyer, but still nothing like the young actress-model types George Clooney was known for dating.

For one thing, I found out that when they first met, he asked her out, and she politely said “no” – TWICE.

Now how often do you think the rich, handsome, famous, academy-award winner George Clooney was getting turned down on the dating scene? Probably NEVER, until he met her.
The fact that she could genuinely take him or leave him seemed to trigger a powerful “male instinct” in his mind that he probably hadn’t felt in YEARS – the urge to win over a woman who seemed unattainable.
SHE was the prize in his mind that he wanted to win over at any cost. Every man dreams of winning over a woman like this – NOT a woman who’s pining after him and trying to lock HIM down and “get” him to commit to her.

The key to inspiring a man’s masculine need to pursue you and “win you over” is knowing that YOU’RE a prize that needs to be won – regardless of how amazing you think a man is!

This is a very different feeling and “vibe” than trying to impress a MAN and convince him that you’re a great catch. Trying to convince a man of anything will actually decrease your value in his eyes.
When you really know and understand what a prize you really are, the way you behave and the way you speak starts to work differently – your vibe organically starts to shift in the right direction, and everything else falls into place.
Love, Helena
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