I recently recorded a short video on four things that cause men to shut down emotionally, and what to do instead to turn things around so a man naturally feels the desire to come closer and open up to you.
This should be helpful for you no matter where you’re at in your love life:

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    3 replies to "4 Things That Shut Him Down Emotionally (And How To Turn It Around)"

    • K Allen

      Your research sounds intriguing, and very helpful. Could it apply when you really aren’t looking for marriage?
      We’re comfortable with fringe benefits. It is what we seek now. (Not that it wouldn’t develop into more, tho rare.)
      The “Make him…” this or that concerns me. Idc 2 make him anything except feel@ ease and pursue his desires, honoring himself and me.
      I had 30 yrs of trying that, no bueno.
      Were now in An approach akin2 “Let it be”, yet still be fascinated with each other’s touch, care, heart, and the crossing of our live’s paths.
      Ps idk how2 share grandbaby pic. He’s on my fb, if you have that. Precious!

    • Molly

      ” would you post the link for ” how to make a man feel safe to come close to you ” Thank you so much. I really enjoy the direct open way you speak to us, you work so hard to make things clear. I’m 64 and I haven’t gotten it right yet. I have a man now and have been working hard but still not doing great. I read something that I could use a clarification on. In ” stop doing this you said : A masculine-energy man’s biggest desire is to be with a woman who allows him to do things for her – a woman who’s able to RECEIVE what he has to give! You’ll be the most attractive woman in the world to a man if you lean back and allow him to give to you.
      Does this include gifts? My man has pulled way back on sexual intimacy and instead has started giving me ” stuff “, a mixer, Bose system… I am not a woman who wants expensive stuff, I want him, to feel him, spend
      time with him, be with him, melt into him, know I’m cherished and desired. How can I tell him this ?
      He loves to share, I’m ok with that but lately he is sharing less of himself and giving me stuff instead.
      I miss our closeness a lot. I am still open and welcome him, but inside I am sad and frustrated. Thank you for listening.

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