I recently recorded a short video on the five secrets to attract your ideal man using the law of attraction.
This is some of the most powerful information I could ever share with you when it comes to attracting the man and relationship you want, whether you’re single or in a relationship.
I’ve found that these law of attraction principles line up perfectly with some of the feminine energy concepts I teach – and they’ll help you attract what you want in ALL areas of your life!

If you have a desire to attract an amazing man (or bring YOUR man closer), the power of that desire is big – BUT it’s not powerful enough to overcome the resistance of any contradictory beliefs you may have around it.
These beliefs could sound something like, “There are no good men out there…” or “High quality men aren’t interested in me…” or “I need to lose weight before I can attract a man…”
When you really want something but you doubt that it’s possible for you, that’s one of the worst feelings in the world!
I truly believe that if you have a desire for something, you’re automatically worthy of it – AND there’s something in your environment right now that’s a step towards it.
However, when our beliefs cause us to doubt that we can have what we want, we miss the clues – and in my opinion, the missing of these clues is really the missing of life!
Luckily, there’s a way to turn all of this around and actually install NEW beliefs that will draw everything you want TO you (including an amazing man AND the success you want in all areas of your life).

If this resonates with you and you’re interested in learning more, click here to check out The Feminine Art Of Attraction.

    6 replies to "5 Secrets To Attract Your Ideal Man Using The Law Of Attraction"

    • Eva

      This last video is so much easier tyo look at, because of the higher contrast in the image. Thank you for that! And great content by the way. I´m gonna resend it to my single girl friends. ! Thanks so much Helena! xoxo

      • Helena Hart

        You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the video!
        Love, Helena

    • Amy

      Loved with affection

    • Marlyn

      Hello halina I need your advice how to get back the men who i love, thank you

    • Talya Perry

      It’s interesting you mention it. I also was struggling with similar feelings for you. You’re a dear friend and I didn’t want to destroy those positive times we’ve had.

      The other thing is, my lifestyle gives me no certainty of availability. You deserve someone on whom you can depend and is reliable. You’re certainly worth that!

      My hope is that our friendship will continue on as always. I truly care about you!
      The next text said that he wants me to live my life with no regrets. I give him too much credit and I need to recognize my own strengths and that he found a light of positivity and daring that made every moment of our adventures worthwhile. As we continue in developing our connection I will be here by your side to help you find your footing in the darkness.
      I’m confused. He saids he is not available but, he comes to all my performances, he is always helping me at work. He is always wanting to go to concerts and hang out. We went to Ohio for a concert this summer and hung out for a week. Prior he expressed an interest. I thought we were getting to know each other. I tell him in November how I feel and I get these. I am not continuing to date but we work together and we see each other everyday. Is it selfish if I say I don’t want to hang out anymore. We can still be cool at work.

    • Jane Swanson

      Helena. Can I please have some more links/information on your videos here. I have lost some of your links from the comments which you replied & can’t remember which videos they are, at least this way with an email I can go back to them.

      Thankyou so much, your work is helping me & so many women immensely even if it is extremely difficult at times applying what you recommend, you are quite an inspiration & congratulations on finding “The one” & your wedding ❤

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