I recently recorded a short video on the surprising way to bring a man CLOSER, no matter what he’s doing right now.
Many women I hear from think they’re in their feminine energy, but they’re actually doing this one very subtle thing that’s preventing a man from coming close and keeping him at arm’s length.
I share exactly what that is in this video, and what to do instead to quickly turn things around and bring that man closer:

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    • Liliana Marquez

      Hello Ms Hart,
      Browsing through various articles on the internet, I came across YOUR article… and I’m really glad I did. It resonated with me more so than other articles that supposedly speak on the same type of subject… getting the love a woman wants. But your article stood out to me. I have a question though…I feel as though I’ve ruined pretty much everything in my relationship with my clingy, and yes, desperate behavior. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 months and as of 2.5-3 months ago or so, I’ve gone from being “that” girl he was SO attracted to, so interested in, to…a clingy, desperate hot mess! My question is, in situations such as mine, is there hope? Can I really turn things around to where HE’S the one wanting ME and calling me, texting me again like he used to and actually WANTING to spend time with ME rather than the other way around? Lately it seems to me that I’M the pursuer and he’s the…”prize”, if that makes any sense? I so want things to change Ms Hart! He does still spend time with me, but he recently started saying that he’s NOT coming over as often as before, he’s going to come over every other day or every two days instead of how often he was coming over… you can imagine my desperation. Even though I don’t WANT to feel desperate, I DO and of course that desperation colors my behavior accordingly, as would be expected. Please let me know, do I have a real chance to change this situation and keep this man I love so much?
      Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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