4 Signs of Unconditional Love In Your Relationship

If you’re questioning whether the love you have with your man is type of love that could last a lifetime, here are the four signs that you need to look for…

1. You both are ready to grow old with each other.

Lust and inferior forms of love are characterized by a “good for now attitude.” Unconditional love means that you both accept that good looks and perfect luck are all tentative. What matters is how well your personalities mesh, how giddy in love you make each other feel, even YEARS after the first time you meet.

The feelings don’t lessen over time. Your attraction, your desire to have him in your life, only grows as time goes on. You’re not nuts about growing old (most people aren’t!) but you ACCEPT it and you’re happy that you’ll always have each other, come what may. That’s something beautiful, isn’t it?

2. You both tell each other the darkest of secrets!

Everything about a short-term relationship is shallow…and especially the conversation! On the other hand, telling each other your deepest (and sometimes darkest) secrets is an amazing feeling. Every time you probe deeper, you build trust.

Every time he confides in you something even more personal and unrepeatable, you bond so closely together. He’s telling you stuff he could never tell another soul! It really takes a lot of trust, and yes a lot of unconditional caring about another person, to be so nakedly honest. The more you learn to talk honestly, without a filter, the more you realize you both understand each other better than anyone else.

3. You are proud of who he IS, not who he should be.

So many short-term or doomed relationships happen based on expectations—who they need to be, for this relationship to work. On the other hand, relationships that are real and long-lasting are based on mutual respect and mutual PRIDE. You’re proud of who he is, what he does accomplish, and even the little things he does that make him unique and heroic in your eyes. When people feel appreciated in a relationship, they are much happier.

In fact, you’re so happy with each other, you don’t even bother trying to change each other into fitting into a perfect body or perfect set of rules and traits that the ideal husband ought to have (or the ideal wife for that matter). You love him for who he is, just as he loves you. Unconditionally, and always subject to change, because you want to love and support your partner, even if their goals or hobbies change.

4. You always openly communicate, without resentment.

Unconditional love is NOT about letting your partner do whatever he pleases (or him indulging you in every whim). In every relationship, there are boundaries and rules…but these rules are based on the simple desire to make your partner happy and not wanting to cause hurt or grief.

Unconditional love doesn’t mean you allow your partner to do whatever he wants, even if it breaks your heart. A partner who shares the same unconditional love will always put your needs and wants EQUAL to his own. What really defines a forever loving relationship is not a hedonistic view of desire. Rather, it’s honest communication.

You communicate everything, whether it’s how deeply you love each other, your deepest secrets and most private thoughts, as well as your disagreements. You communicate intimately and consistently, so that no resentment festers. You discuss everything and you always find a way to compromise so that both of you are happy.

You’re more eager to make up and move on beyond this argument, because this is NOT about power in the relationship, or who’s the man/woman in charge. This is about coexisting peacefully. This is something you both want because you have unconditional love in your heart.

In this love, you are free to be yourself. You are free to express yourself and free to feel secure in this relationship. You know what he’s thinking. You know his best qualities and his weaknesses and you accept them. You know him like you know yourself. He recognizes that and so he opens his heart completely to you.

Unconditional love is real. 100% real!

You CAN find it and you can turn a healthy and trusting relationship into an unconditional lifelong commitment. Learn what unconditional love really is, what it FEELS LIKE, and then refocus on meeting better quality guys who exhibit and embody these good qualities.

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    3 replies to "4 Signs of Unconditional Love In Your Relationship"

    • Paivi Voutilainen

      I wanted to ask about how can I find out whether he wants to be with me or not? We have very complicated past. First We dated three years and he said he had i a crush on me. Then later on, he cheated and married the woman whom with he cheated me. After his marriage ended because his wife was unfaithfull for moths he came back to me and we started to see each other. It all become to end him saying he wants to go back to Asia to place where he “found” jos first wife. Then after year is breaking up we are talking and have see other once. I went through this break up program which supposed to find his love again and build the relationship even stronger than it was. The problem is we didn’t talk about about getting back together at first, but then he admitted suddenly that he don’t want anythong serious because of his financial problem. He had had and hsve so serious financial problem that he almoust went homeless before his parents get a loan for him to survive. The problem is this financial situation by which he said he won’t be able to be with anyone In serious relationship. He still expects sex and thinks i want it too. It hurts my feelings that he had made it clear that he has needs to talk and have sex so if i stopped having sex with him he would leave me and all the progress our being together our time which has been better than ever would go waist. How could i make his feelings grow witjout compromising oi sleep with him? I wouldn’t want to find out thst the sex kept his emotions for growing larger towards me. Thank you so much for answering. I truly admire your work, your spirit and your achievemets for knowing that you have gone through Hard times for yourself. You inspire me every Day. Thank you so much!

    • Jenny

      Hello, can you help me ?
      I and my bf have a problem about communication. I dont have many questions to ask him that’s why we often very quite when we meet so made he angry . I can feel he fall down by our relationship.
      how do i fix and regain his feeling like the first time? I thinking so much but i dont know how to regain hía feeling again.
      Thank you Helena Hard.

    • Elizabeth

      I firstly must admit that I allowed myself to get into a “Situationship” with a man I became interested in earlier this year. I had good boundaries at first bc he lives in my building, and out of a desire to be conscious, responsible, and on-purpose about proceeding when it when the appropriate time came, but boundaries became gray and muddy after a few months of COVID limitations as chemistry, contact, and extended alone time together persisted, and other dating prospects were eliminated.
      I’ve had reasons to hesitate about the potential of a shared future together as a couple, but it seems like we should date properly to identify whether that’s really true or not. He got angry and hurt at me about a month or so ago, claiming I listen well and understand everything else about him except for his feelings for me. I became hurt by him prior to that when it seemed like we were moving towards each other, feelings and physical situation around each other was intensifying greatly, we agreed we should talk about it, and then he basically gaslit me about it, acting like he had no idea what we needed to talk about when the moment came, yet still trying to initiate sex (which I haven’t allowed) and telling me how incredibly attracted he is, how he doesn’t want to touch anyone else but me, and craves intimate closeness with me.
      His primary overriding complaint is that I haven’t been clear a out my boundaries… He wants to relax and express himself with me physically but doesn’t know where the limits are. He’s working through a lot of emotional healing and past traumas, and so I feel like he just wants to alleviate empty space with me that feels really good because we love each other, and anything else to him would feel like a drive-through Rally burger. But there’s no safety of commitment and hasn’t been an honest dating situation here. I can’t tell if that’s what he’s trying to do or not. I’ve stated I don’t do friends-with-benefits when it seemed like he was interested in some sort of “sexual healing” idea (TOTAL trauma for me), and although I’ve acted outside of it plenty before, I DO believe sex outside marriage is wrong and I’m claiming it now, and ABSOLUTELY wrong when there is ZERO commitment of any kind.
      He’s since pulled back dramatically, I think hoping to inspire a reaction response from me, and we’ve both held back from speaking clearly out fear of crushing misalignment and losing each other.

      Ive watched a couple of your videos and I’m super impressed and taking notes furiously! I kind of know what I need to do in terms of being in my feminine, leaning back, and releasing the outcome while saying what I need and desire and what I DONT want. I just kind of feel like it’s too late to speak/restate/reframe the truth I SHOULD have clarified months ago. I halfway feel like he’d just shrug a shoulder and self-protectively say, “eh— Thanks for sharing, but it’s no longer relevant” like he wants to punish me a bit for not responding to his needs and feelings in the way and timing he wanted me to.💔 (I also know that a desire to punish is not a good sign of character in him..😕.)
      I was just so scared to speak it with the boldness I wanted to that I might run him off.

      I’m still scared. Ready to move on or try a bit more, either way… Just concerned about maintaining friendship relationship with unresolved feelings between us over time since we want to stay in each other’s life. Just hard to transition away from the romantic/sexual energy and move forward like that, and don’t want problems to bubble back to the surface later.

      Thanks in advance for your womanly wisdom…🙏.

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