3 Flirty Text Messages to Send a Guy You Like

3 Flirty Text Messages to Send a Guy You Like

Everyone seems like they’re texting these days instead of calling. So it’s important to communicate what you want over text.

And since text can get boring really fast, it’s good to know how to flirt with a guy over text so that you can keep the fun emotions going from when you were in person.

Otherwise, he could disappear on you from losing the feeling that he had.

Here are three fun, flirty text messages that you can send to a guy…

The Dream of Me Text

Send this to a guy either after you met him for the first time and are signing off for the night or…

Actually… you can send this anytime you’ve had a fun night with a guy.

If it’s the first time you met him and he doesn’t text you first, you can send this to him at the end of the night.

When you do this you’re letting him know that you’re interested but you’re also maintaining that you’re a valuable woman worth dreaming of.

Here’s how it goes…

“I hope you have a good night. Dream of me. ;)”

The message communicates – Hey, I know you like me. Feel free to think of me tonight…

Which he most certainly will.

Make Boring Fun

Make Boring Fun is all about taking normal, boring questions and making them more interesting by guessing answers to the questions that couldn’t possibly be true.

You can do this for all the “interview questions”

You know, like where are you from… what do you do for work… what’s your favorite color…

Those kinds of questions.

So, for instance…

If he’s a white guy who’s obviously from the United States somewhere, you could say…

“So where are you from originally… Wait, let me guess. China?”

As you can see from this example, it doesn’t have to be funny… it just has to make the conversation more interesting than it would normally be.

It creates more conversation and makes you seem fun, silly, and interesting.

Flip The Script

Flipping The Script is all about playing with gender roles.

But remember with this one… it has to be a flipped gender role.

For instance, a big concern guys have about women is that they’re gold diggers.

So when he asks you what you do, you could say…

“Why, are you a gold digger? I bet you just want me for my money. ;)”

And you can do this at any time to break any gender norm and it’s almost always funny.

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4 thoughts on “3 Flirty Text Messages to Send a Guy You Like”

  1. Thank you for your advice, Helena

    I am MNO, a new entrant into your community, & would like to share an experience for your guidance:

    I have been friends with this guy for a couple of months (say 7 months), but I had an experience with him that made me deliberately pull away about 1 week ago.

    Quite some undulating story, but to keep it brief, he had exhibited some undesirable attitudes (initially acting avoidant sometimes, stood me up once, failed to firm up an appointment, & would not call back in return to my calls when he says he would – this usually upsets me) & ‘had called him out on some of these attitudes, though not set any boundaries yet.

    Key Observation:
    1. He often whines that I’m friend-zoning him, even when I remind him that he said (when I asked him) all he wanted was to be my friend. My major concern was his action never corresponded with his words.

    2. Because our 1st 2 meetings which got him emotionally attracted to me were around my estate, & at dusk, I figured out he wanted to continue with this trend as he would just call & ask to come around at late evenings, despite telling him I’d rather have us sit out during day. After several failed attempts to see me at nights & invite me to his house (which I differed until I’ve spent enough time with him outdoors to be comfortable), there was this significant drop in frequency of contacting, & we of course never got to see again after the initial 2 visits for about 5months. However, the few times we talked, they were longer & seemingly interesting but centered on various stuff.

    3. He resurfaces 2weeks ago with some new vibe of excitement, vulnerability & expression of likeness & even love, relatively less avoidant & often talked about we doing things together. For the 1st time, he accompanied me to do a bit of shopping last week Tuesday.

    4. On Thursday, November 22, I called & he promised to call me right back because he hinted he was in a meeting at the office. But then he never did call back afterwards (which upsets me). A day after, I sent him a message & the attached communication ensued. I’ve stayed off communication with him ever since then (not responded to his calls & messgaes). The latest message from him was November 26 (Monday).

    GUIDANCE NEEDED: He may / may not be wondering what he did wrongly, but I feel he deserves an explanation; ‘not certain this is appropriate thing to do, if so, I’d like to know how best to do so, & cease the opportunity to communicate my standards, & at the same time inspire attraction / devotion in him – without scaring him away.
    Also, when should I re-engage him: allow the silence linger some while longer or break it now?

    I look forward to a timely & personalized response from you.

    Thank you

  2. I have been reading up on everything to figure out if I’m being used. I pay for everything… I am getting frustrated and feel like giving up on love. I have known him since grade school. Don’t get me wrong he does a lot of different things just not paying..

    1. Until I’m really involved in a relationship, my deal is I fly, you buy or you fly, I buy. I feel that’s only fair. If it works, the rest of it takes care of itself. Good luck

    2. He should pay. Men want to feel empowered and like they are the providers. If we baby them… (Which I have allowed and accepted for 10 long years), they will never step up to the plate. Do not go or do anything with him if he can’t at least pay for himself. He shouldn’t allow you to carry that burden. It is unfair and you will resent him and it will lead to a whole source of other problems. I PROMISE YOU, I have walked (am still sort of walking) that path and it will affect yourself esteem as well as your pocket finances. No relationship is worth that pain because we deserve better, and a REAL MAN will never sit back and let the woman pay for everything continuously.

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