Radio Interview With Dr. Jackie Black

microphone-42450_640If you’re single or have a lot of single friends, you may often say or hear, “There are no good men out there…” or “All men are jerks / cheaters / commitment-phobes…”

This is your internal mindset or belief system that’s reflecting what’s going on inside you – it’s NOT an accurate representation of the real world.

If you’re approaching the dating process with dread or indifference, who do you think you’re going to attract?

In this radio interview with Dr. Jackie Black, we discuss multiple dating and relationship issues – including the difference between “instant chemistry” and REAL chemistry, what to do if you’re attracted to “bad boys” or unavailable men, and how to use your masculine and feminine energies in a way that works FOR you (not against you) in your love life.

Click here to listen to the interview. 

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