makehimwantyouevenmore-200x300Here’s a guest post from relationship expert and coach Leigha Baker. Leigha helps women quickly turn their love lives around to get the love they’ve always dreamed of. 
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There’s a common mistake many women accidentally do when it comes to men: Making It Too Easy.
WHY do we want to make it easy for men?
Here are the most common reasons I hear from women: (I thought this way too!)

“He’s going to think I don’t love him if I don’t…”
“He’s going to think I’m mad at him…” 
“He’s going to think I’m not interested if I don’t…”
“He’s told me he needs to feel loved and appreciated, so I’m scared if I don’t (fill in the blank) he’ll think I don’t care…”

There’s this common fear that if we don’t show a man how much we love him, he’s going to lose interest. The opposite is true – making it too easy actually repels him and causes his attraction to fade.

It’s NOT about not showing we love him – it’s the way we do it that’s critical.

What does making it “too easy” look like?

  •   Worrying about him when he hasn’t called
  •   Calling to confirm plans
  •   Checking up on him
  •   Cooking for him just because you want to spend time with him
  •   Offering to drive to him or pick him up because it’s more convenient for him
  •   Updating him with your life
  •   Making arrangements for him, looking into things for him
  •   Trying to impress him
  •   Wanting him to know you’re interested just in case he’s wondering if you are
  •   Getting sexual too early

Have you ever done any of these things? I know I sure have!
How do you stop making it too easy for him and make him want to get as close as he can at the same time?
By increasing your value – valuing yourself.

“Why do you have to value yourself?  Because if you don’t – then no man will value you, and if he doesn’t value you he can’t love you.”  ~ Rori Raye

Start valuing yourself right now by picking 10 feelings you want to feel in your ideal relationship. This is called your Love Compass.
Then ask yourself if you’re giving all this up for hope with one particular man.
Get your focus off of him and the relationship and onto other areas of your life – health, fitness, church, charity, dance, travel, art… whatever lights you up.
A man can feel it when we’re focused on him even if we’re carefully trying NOT to be. He doesn’t want to be the center of our world – it’s way too much pressure.
Start believing in what you want step-by-baby-step!
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