The holidays can be an amazing time to spend with those we love, but it can also be a harsh reminder for those who are struggling in their love lives.
If you’re single and yearning for the relationship of your dreams – or you’re in a relationship that lacks the intimacy you desire and you’re thinking to yourself, “This isn’t what I want for my life!” – then I have great news for you!
You CAN live a life filled with joy and love! Your future hasn’t been written – you can turn things around and live the life you’ve always wanted.
Let me tell you about my dear friend, Rebecca. Rebecca is the founder and CEO of The Brave Lady, a leading platform for women. She’s a beautiful young woman, with her own business and circle of amazing friends.
At first glance you might think that her life must be perfect – but what you might not know is she is fresh out of a relationship herself and wanted to find a way to heal herself properly to attract that long-lasting love we ALL desire.
Even with her vast knowledge and experience as a love coach, we all go through our own rough patches.
Fortunately for us, she wanted to take her experience and create a platform and share it with us all so we can learn together.
She has brought together leading experts in the industry (including me!) to create a series called Free Yourself From Heartbreak – How To Heal Your Broken Heart So That You Can Love Again This New Year!
She’s brought together doctors, scientists, authors, dating and relationship experts and coaches to create a series that will help you heal your heartache and suffering.
When you sign up for this series, you’ll learn some powerful new tools, exercises and stories to help you love yourself, heal, get ready for love and attract the relationship of your dreams.

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In this series you’ll discover how to…

  • Move through a breakup feeling empowered and confident…
  • ♥ Start dating again and attract the RIGHT guys…
  • ♥ Heal from heartache so that you can love again…
  • ♥ Attract an abundance of men that are a perfect match for you!

These video interviews are easy to watch and filled with plenty of powerful insights and tools.
The best part is that you can watch these interviews anywhere from your phone or computer!
This series is for women who are ready to effectively heal any hurt from their past and finally find someone who is RIGHT for them.

Click here to sign up for this FREE video series!

Take this new year by the horns take control of your love life – you deserve this!
Hope to see you there. Have a wonderful holiday season!
Helena Hart

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