Find Your Life's Purpose, The Feminine Way (FREE Masterclass!)

Have you ever asked yourself if there was MORE to life than what you were living?
Have you ever felt that you have a bigger calling in life?
If you have, then you’re not alone – and you feel this way for a reason! Your purpose is important and it’s time for you to step forward and share your gifts with the world.
You have a unique purpose – and when you tap into that purpose, everything else falls into place.
Join me for The Feminine Purpose Masterclass, where myself and over 20 experts will be sharing practical tools and guidance to help you find your life’s purpose, feel empowered and become unstoppable!

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Meagan Ruppert – a visionary soul coach who helps women find their unique purpose and pathway to unleashing their wisdom and power into the world – invited me to be a speaker for this online event, which starts on June 5th!
When you’re using your unique gifts in service to your life’s purpose, life truly flows – and you don’t have to do it alone! That’s why I’m so excited to share my story and tools for finding your purpose in The Feminine Purpose Masterclass.
We’ll be exploring themes such as…

  • Your “soul purpose” – finding it and owning it
  •  Tapping into your intuition and learning how to trust yourself
  •  Body wisdom and the power of “flow” in cultivating confidence
  • ♥ The Law of Attraction, alignment, manifestation and the Law of Cause and Effect
  •  Sacred Sexuality – how to harness your inner power to create massive shifts
  •  Sisterhood and the power of community
  •  Natural Healing and using the power of natural sources to come into alignment with your innate wisdom

Click here to sign up for this FREE Masterclass!

I hope to see you there on June 5th!
Love, Helena
P.S. – This Maserclass will only be free for a limited time, so click on the link above to register today!

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