Attracting A Great Man Can Be Easy And Fun

sunset-13444_640Here’s a post from Julia, a member of my Effortlessly Attract Love Program, who’s had incredible success turning her love life around, attracting an amazing man and creating an extraordinary relationship.
This was originally posted in my Facebook group, and I’m re-posting it here with her permission. Here’s what Julia had to say…
Today is the first anniversary of my first date with V. This time last year, Helena’s Effortlessly Attract Love Program was in full swing.
I was learning a lot, and I was making an experiment of “doing everything right this time.” I feel so happy I did, and so happy I invested in myself and got myself the learning and support I needed!
Out of all the guys I dated, V stood out by how well he treated me, how safe I felt around him, and how naturally we could create the “right” masculine-feminine dynamics (even though it was new for him, too!).
I shared my experience and feelings in this letter.

Side-note: I didn’t feel very physically attracted to him at first, but that developed quickly for me (and now I can’t keep my hands off him! It’s amazing how attraction and “chemistry” can GROW for us women!).
Now, one year later, we are in a committed, fulfilling, joyful, HAPPY relationship. I feel even safer and happier with him, I feel deeply satisfied and grateful.
I do my best to continue practicing what I learned – to lean back, to receive from him, to let him “pursue” me still and care for me and pamper me – and I make a point of showing ample appreciation for everything he does. It works VERY, very well! 🙂
It feels easy and organic and FUN! I never even imagined I could feel so loved and accepted…
So ladies: love is possible. An amazing relationship is available, for each and every one of us. <3
And Helena: a million times, thank you!

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