wedding-kissIf you missed the teleclass I hosted with Expert Relationship Coach Leigha Lake called The 3 Things You Need To Know Right Now To Attract The Love Of Your Life, the replay will be available for a limited time.
In this teleclass, you’ll learn…

 The difference between women who attract the love of their life quickly and easily versus those who seem to struggle (and how YOU can use this knowledge to your advantage!)…

 How women unknowingly give their power away and what causes a man to lose attraction…

 What to do when you’re feeling discouraged to avoid staying stuck in the old reality of what you want NOT happening for you yet (and how to reverse this process to attract everything you want in your love life!)…

 How to create REAL chemistry that lasts a lifetime and build intimacy with the right man for you in every moment you’re with him, so he feels compelled to get closer to you…

 PLUS we answered all of your questions (such as, “How do you build attraction with a man who’s hot and cold?”)

You can listen to it here:


If you’re ready to attract the love of your life and feel more loved, cherished and adored than ever before – click here to check out “Lasting Love” – the new program Expert Relationship Coach Leigha Lake and I have created.

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    • Kirsten

      Hi there, I found your website via Google while looking for a related topic, your website came up and I love all the information provided here!

      • Helena Hart

        Thank you, Kirsten! I’m glad you found my website and that it’s been helpful for you!
        Love, Helena

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