The Surprising Thing That Makes A Man Fall In Love And STAY In Love Forever

Did you know that what you perceive to be your “flaws” and insecurities are actually the REASONS a man falls deeply in love with you? It’s true!
A man falls in love with a woman’s imperfections, quirks, scars, “wounds” and feelings – otherwise knows as her VULNERABILITIES.
These are the things that we typically want to hide from the world – or even from ourselves – but our vulnerabilities are actually what connects deeply with a man’s heart and makes him fall in love (and STAY in love forever!).

Vulnerability is the freedom to express your feelings without drama or expectations – this is what makes a man feel SAFE to come close to you.

This means you no longer have to stuff your feelings down, paste a fake smile on your face or hide who you truly are.
Men are very sensitive to the VIBE we’re giving off, and they know when we’re faking our emotions or not being authentic.
Hiding your vulnerabilities and trying to present yourself as “flawless” will make a man instinctively feel a sense of distrust on a deep level – he’ll be able to FEEL the incongruence in your vibe.
A man needs to see that you love and accept all the parts of yourself (even the parts that you may want to judge or label “unattractive”) before he’ll ever truly believe that you’ll accept him and HIS vulnerabilities. 
This was a huge lesson I had to learn in my own life in order to turn things around and start attracting high quality, masculine-energy men (it actually took something pretty dramatic happening in my life in order for me to really “get” this – I’m going to be discussing this in the 4-Day Intensive Adrienne Everheart and I are hosting in a couple weeks!).

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Helena Hart

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