The Key To Attracting More Love AND Money

padlock-of-the-love-1272912-mThe key to attracting your soul mate (or more love from the man you’re with) – AND more success than you ever thought possible – actually involves harnessing the same very important aspect of your feminine energy. That quality is BEING.
Everything flows from BEING, from who you are. We’ve been conditioned to think that we have to HAVE something – or to DO or accomplish something – in order to BE something.
For example, deep down you may believe that you have to be in a relationship in order to feel worthy of a man’s love – or you have to start making more money in order to feel worthy of success.

The truth is, there’s no prerequisite to being. If you want to be worthy of love and success, you can simply choose to FEEL worthy of love and success.

Being leads to doing, which leads to having (or attracting what you want). If you try to do this the other way around (in other words, run the cycle backwards) – if you focus on having and doing to create your being – all you’ll get at best is a temporary “fix.”
It’s like a drug effect – it can’t last, and you’re always going to need more and more of it. At some point, you’re going to crash and burn, because you won’t be able to get any more of it. This is called a “negative feedback cycle.”
For example, if you’re looking to a MAN to make you feel attractive and loved, you’re going to need more and more of it to get the same effect, and at some point it’s just not going to be enough.
This is one way we can look to others to fulfill the deep unmet needs we have within ourselves – it just doesn’t work that way and as you’ve probably experienced, it can actually push good men and the right opportunities away. If you really want to feel loved AND successful, you have to run this cycle in the correct direction.

It all starts with BEING – there’s nothing you need to do or have in order to be happy – you can simply choose to feel happy, then you’ll naturally draw TO you things that support that.

If you do this in the right direction – the “positive feedback cycle” – it’s sustainable, and it will get stronger over time.
For example, if you choose to feel worthy of love and success, you’ll simply attract people and opportunities that are a vibrational “match” to making you feel loved and successful. You’ll gather evidence to support your beliefs either way, whatever those beliefs are!
If you want to feel happy about your love life and your work life, you don’t have to DO something or HAVE something first – it all starts with BEING. Whatever you wish to be, you can simply choose to be that now.
This is by far the most powerful way to attract anything you wish to have in your life. It will cause you to draw towards you the right people and opportunities that reflect who you’re BEING – including your soul mate!

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