If you’re frustrated because you keep attracting the WRONG kind of men – or you feel like there are no good men out there and you’re feeling hopeless about finding the right man for you, I can help!
I recently hosted a live Teleclass on How To Stop Attracting The Wrong Men… So You Can Attract The Right One!
During this Teleclass, I talked about…
heart-checkWhy You’re Attracting The Wrong Kind Of Men (And EXACTLY What To Do To Turn This Around)
heart-checkHow To Attract High Quality Men Who Are Looking To Be In A Committed Relationship
heart-checkThe #1 Thing You Should Be Looking For In Men To Increase Your Success In Dating And Relationships
heart-checkHow To Actually Change The Type Of Men You’re Attracting (And Attracted TO)
heart-checkHow To Create Real, Lasting Chemistry And Intimacy With The RIGHT Kind Of Men
heart-checkHow To Attract A Man Who’s Capable Of Giving You The Loving Relationship You Want

Click here to listen to the Teleclass Replay!

    6 replies to "Stop Attracting The Wrong Men, So You Can Attract The Right One – Teleclass Replay!"

    • Marguerite

      I am trying to sign up for this event but I do not see the purple box! So, I am sending this email. Hope this works.

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Marguerite,
        Thanks so much for letting me know! We’ve fixed the technical issue, and I’ve also signed you up for the teleclass so you should be receiving the call-in information soon (as well as the replay if you can’t make the live call). If you have any other questions feel free to email me at helenahartcoaching@gmail.com. Looking forward to “seeing” you on the call!
        Love, Helena

    • Wafa

      It’s not letting me sign up,,, saying my email isn’t valid.

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Wafa,
        Thanks for letting me know! You’re all signed up, you should have received an email with the call-in information. If you didn’t receive this email let me know and l’ll send it to you manually. Looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow!
        Love, Helena

    • Stephanie Marie

      Hi Helena,
      I don’t see a purple box? I would like to sign up for this event.

      • Helena Hart

        Hi Stephanie,
        I believe this technical issue has been fixed and I see that you’re signed up for today’s call. I will email you the call-in information to make sure you have it. Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the call today!
        Love, Helena

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