7 Signs That Show He’s In Love With You

Is the man in your life in love with you or falling in love with you?

If you’re seeing someone or in a relationship and want to know whether he loves you or not, these are the seven most important signs that you can look for to know if his love is true…

1. He Shares Things With You That He Doesn’t Tell Everyone Else

When a man is in love, he’ll want to talk about his passions with you.

He also might perceive something as a flaw in himself but want to tell you about it anyway.

2. He Wants You To Meet His Friends And Family

When a man loves you, he’ll start bringing you into his world because he wants you to be a part of his life.

This includes introducing you to his friends and family.

3. He Lets You Know That He’s Thinking About You

He’ll find excuses to contact you that may not even make any sense.

He might send you a text message just to say hello or share something that reminded him of you.

This happens because he wants to be connected to you.

4. He Wants To Be Around You All The Time

When a man is in love with you, he’ll want to make sure that he’s a part of your schedule and will actively try to see you any chance he gets.

5. He Includes You In Decisions That He Makes

If he’s planning something, he thinks about how you’re going to be there and makes a place for you to be there.

He’ll talk about this with you and you’ll feel like you’re on a journey together with him.

6. He Takes Your Feelings Into Account When He Makes Decisions

He wants to make sure that you feel good about what’s going on and checks in with your feelings.

You’ll find him checking in with you and wanting to see what’s going on with you.

7. He Talks About A Future Together

He’ll include you in the plans and vision that he has of things that he wants to do in the future.

You’ll become a part of all his plans and you’ll feel like you’re “in this together.”

If a man does these 7 things, then he’s in love!

What Makes A Man Feel Like You’re “The One” For Him

If you’ve ever experienced a man who was really excited about you one minute and then completely lost interest the next, you know how frustrating this can be.

You may start questioning yourself…

Did you do or say something wrong?
What’s happening here?

The #1 reason this happens is because he FEELS like there’s one very specific thing missing between you two.

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Without this one thing, he won’t understand why but he’ll find his desire for you shrinking…

And he’ll always feel like there’s something “missing” that’s preventing him from committing to you.

But if he feels it, it’ll make him want to pursue you, love you, and be the kind of partner you’ve always wanted.

You’ll become “The One” he’s been searching for his entire life!

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Talk soon,

Helena Hart

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