If you want to open your heart to love without being hurt again (and without pushing away the good men) this FREE video series is for you!
Love and Relationship Coach Iris Benrubi has brought together 37 experts (including me!) to share our best tips for finding and attracting the kind of man you really want.
Join us for a FREE online video series, Let Love In: How To Open Your Heart To Love And Finally Find The Man Who Will Love, Adore And Cherish You Forever, which starts on May 29th!
In this video series, we’ll share our best tools for dissolving the blocks to love that hold you back from finding a great man and creating an extraordinary relationship.

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When you join this free video series, you’ll discover what’s REALLY stopping you from finding a man who’s suitable for long-term love – as well as why you push away the good men or seem to “have a knack” for attracting the less-than-good men!
Specifically, you discover:

What you’re doing that’s turning OFF quality men, and how to turn this around so you can attract them effortlessly.

3 steps to lasting soulmate love, so you can finally get (and keep!) the kind of love you deserve.

How to create REAL intimacy with a man without “losing” yourself.

Why being self-aware is critical to a happy and healthy life – and how to use this self-awareness to attract the RIGHT kind of men.

How to release fears and blocks around sexuality, so you can enjoy a deeply connected relationship with a great man.

You’ll walk away with specific mindset shifts, tools and processes you can use to quickly cut through the less-desirable men, and attract the man of your dreams!
You know I’m passionate about sharing with you everything I can to help you find the love you deserve. That being said, I highly recommend you join us for this video series, which starts on May 29th.

Click here to sign up for this FREE video series!

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